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message 1: by Gwen S. (new)

Gwen S. (gwen1629) | 427 comments Will be reading 60 books in 2019!

message 2: by Susy (new)

Susy (susysstories) Wishing you the best of luck with your goal Gwen & happy reading!

message 3: by Gwen S. (new)

Gwen S. (gwen1629) | 427 comments Thanks, now trying to complete three more before 12/31 and to start on my annual wrap up list. I have been so bad this year doing this.

message 4: by Gwen S. (new)

Gwen S. (gwen1629) | 427 comments Kristin wrote: "Good luck wrapping things up in 2018, Gwen, and good luck with your 2019 goal! Do you like to start the new year fresh with no unfinished books from the year before? That is always my goal, but I d..."

While I would like my unfinished books off my shelf, this is not a weight on my back for the upcoming year. Life's too short, to sweat the small stuff! ;-)
Same to you, Kristin, "Happy reads next year!"!

message 5: by Gwen S. (new)

Gwen S. (gwen1629) | 427 comments Yes definitely!

Happy Holidays, and have an enjoyably, rewarding, reading year in 2019! 🎄☃️🎉🤘🏾

BTW, did you partake in this year’s GR Secret Santa, Kristin?? If you did, what book did you request your SS to send you? And was it a physical book request or an ebook?


message 6: by Gwen S. (new)

Gwen S. (gwen1629) | 427 comments Why are we now having so many reading tiers? 51-75??

message 7: by Gwen S. (new)

Gwen S. (gwen1629) | 427 comments Doing GR 2019 January Marathon again. I'm in for 10 books with plans of turning 2,100 pages. Msg#51 / Blagica -moderator.

message 8: by Gwen S. (new)

Gwen S. (gwen1629) | 427 comments Have place a halt on any further reading, unless I can count them toward my 2019 pages turned and novels read!
Final pages turned 16,909/10,000.
Goal completed! (169.09%)
My GR Reading Challenge reaching 66/55 books read.( 120%)
I’ve completed the A to Z Title Challenge 26/26, (100%)
Color Cover Challenge 13/13.(100%) /15). (86.6%)

I loved the new novellas I’ve discovered, namely “Widow’s Island series” by Kendra Elliot, and Mina Carter’s ‘Black Dragons’ series. I can wait for books 3 &4 to be released of the Widow’s Island séries, while Jana DeLeon’s ‘Shaye Archer’ series as well as Greg Hurwitz’s ‘Orphan X’ series will be also keeping me up until the wee hours of the morning.

To my fellow reads, may 2019 bring reading fun and relaxation accompanied by health!
Happy New Year! 🎆🎈🎊✨💫

message 9: by Gwen S. (new)

Gwen S. (gwen1629) | 427 comments I have signed up for six challenges this year, 2019.

#1) The GR Book challenge (65 novels)
#2) Let's Turn Pages (17,000 pages)
#3) Cover Color Challenge (13 tasks /18)
#4) GR Bingo Genre( 9 genres /25)
#5) Clear Those Shelves (30 ebooks/+5 physical novels)
#6) GR Monthly Challenge January Marathon: 10 novels / 2100 pages.

Two novels read so far, the first was an interesting surprise, found serendipitously on Amazon, "Two Henrys", which related the coming out of a middle schooler. Well written, angst driven, but considering the time period, the 70s, and his family's religious background, he survived using humor. My second, " Billionaire's Arranged Baby", was very disappointing as I assumed this was a seasoned writer, but she insisted on'telling' the reader, instead of letting us infer and use our intuition. Plus her repeated, inconsequential descriptions of characters' clothing added nothing to the story line or characters, except to show in chapter one, how shallow, pompous, snobbish, and entitled Andrew was, which I am certain was not her intent. But now I have to complete this series... sheer torture!! ;-(

As of 1/3/19:
Books Read: 2/65. Yes, I updated my reading goal, up from 60...
Pages Turned: 226 pgs /17,000 pages.
As far as my GR January 2019 Marathon goes: 2/10 novels & 226 /2100 pgs!
Cover Color Challenge: More than 5 colors on cover # 13
Light blue cover #7 {2 /13 completed}.
Bingo Genre; 2/9 done so far: O1/Novella & O3 /African American Author.

message 10: by Gwen S. (last edited Jan 31, 2019 10:31PM) (new)

Gwen S. (gwen1629) | 427 comments GR January 2019 Marathon 6 novels read/10 for the month and 65 the year. Did not complete challenge.
While I turned 1665 pages /2100 for the month, but 17,000 for the year. Discovered Kendra Elliot's Mercy Kilpatrick FBI series, and am in awe of her characters and plots so far!
Bingo Genre 4/9 grids complete O1 novella, O2 suspense, O3 Afr-Am Author and N3 Free Space.

message 11: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12014 comments Awesome job so far keep it up!

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