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Christmas on the Island (Mure, #3)
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Ellen | 2050 comments On a small island in the North Sea off the rugged coast of Scotland, the residents of Mure are preparing for the upcoming Christmas season. Flora, the baker at the local restaurant, has just found out that she is pregnant. Although she is quite happy with her news, she is not so sure the father, Joel, will agree with her. He is a lawyer with a lot of emotional baggage. Although they are compatible and seemingly in love, Joel has a difficult time with commitment. Flora wants to find the right time to tell Joel, but that time just doesn't seem to arrive.

Lorna is Flora's best friend and is desperately in love with the town doctor, Saif. Saif is a Syrian refugee who lives on the island with his two young sons Ib and Ash. They were separated from Saif's wife when the fled the war zone and Saif has been waiting two years for the news that she has been found. In the meantime he feels quite attracted to Lorna who is his son's teacher but wants to remain faithful to a wife he may never see again.

Finton, Flora's brother, and his husband Colton live in a huge estate in Mure. Colton is a multi-millionaire who fled the US as the estrangement with his family grew deeper and more hurtful. They could not accept Colton's lifestyle but he has now found true love with Finton. Colton is dying and his time seems to be quickly running out. When one of his brothers arrives in Mure it is not certain whether Colton will welcome him or shun him.

These three stories are the basis of the novel. They all play out in both expected and surprising ways. It was enjoyable as is, but on audio - so good! I don't know if the reader, Sarah Barron, is a native Scot, but what a lovely voice she has.

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Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7644 comments Awww, this sounds like it hit the perfect holiday note! And, look at how cute the cover of the book is!

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