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message 1: by mrharville (new)

mrharville | 16 comments * Have a number of projects I could use help with . . . my first novel was sent back for rewrites because they did not like one of the strong female characters . . .

* I also have short stories that will tie into the novel, they want me to publish those first to make selling the novel easier.

* Any help would be appreciated.

message 2: by R.M. (new)

R.M. Tafari | 62 comments I’m interested in your short stories, msg me.

message 3: by Mark (new)

Mark (henry1234) | 2 comments I generally read Psychological,Thrillers, Adventure, some Dystopian and Chick Lit

message 4: by Amina (new)

Amina Gray | 2 comments Hi Mark. I know you like Chick Lit, but do you specifically enjoy romances? I have two Contemporary Romances that I’d love a male perspective on. If you’re interested, I can send you the blurbs and you can pick the one that most interests you.

message 5: by Mark (new)

Mark (henry1234) | 2 comments Hi sure please send the blurb on both and will look 😃

message 6: by R. (new)

R. Read | 5 comments anxious to know if mine qualifies as thriller to you!

message 7: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 126 comments Hi Mark (and everyone else).

I’m currently looking for beta readers for my completed manuscript and I came across your post. My story is a sci-fi thriller with a noir edge, currently sitting at around 100,000 words. Here is a (very) rough blurb:

In the not-to-distant future, privacy is a thing of the past. Our lives are monitored and recorded by implants and watched by an all-seeing eye—a government agency called NEXUS.
While some fear the Network, others have found a way to use it to their advantage; one of these people is Nasir Khan. Khan is a private investigator and hacker, and he’ll break into the Network and the feeds direct from people’s implants, for a price.
He’s used to trouble. Everyday he deals with clients looking for missing wives, stolen money, a cheating husband. But when a client calling themselves only “Anonymous” contacts him, things get interesting.
What starts off as just another job soon becomes a murder coverup involving a former government bigwig, mysterious hit men, and a former politician who could be a damsel in distress and could be a femme fatale. And the worst part is, they all have some unknown link to NEXUS.
The question isn’t can Khan use his wits to solve the case, but does he have what it takes to survive.

If that sounds interesting to you, please get in touch with a direct message.

For anyone else reading this, I'm also available to be a critique partner or beta swapper. So if anyone else sees this and is interested then feel free to get in touch. I’m interested in most genres. My favourites are sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. The only genres I don’t feel I can give accurate feedback on are romance stories, erotica, and historical fiction, as I’m not a big reader of any of these. Although fiction with a historical backdrop where historical accuracy isn’t paramount, I can provide feedback on, no problem.

Thanks everyone. I hope to hear from you soon.

Warm regards,


message 8: by Amina (new)

Amina Gray | 2 comments Hi Mark,

Here are the blurbs. Let me know if you’d like to read either.

Title: If I Fall For You
Word count: 58,000k
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Blurb: As one-third of an all-female con clan targeting unfaithful—and unsuspecting—men, the rules are simple for Alex: no dating and no monogamy.

But after eight years of running high-level schemes, Alex wants out of the game. She has bigger dreams for herself, and besides, she’s met someone—Kellan Packer, a luxury real estate broker who represents everything she’s never had: security, passion and stability. Things take a turn when she screws up what is supposed to be a simple operation in Vegas and is blackmailed by her mark—for a million dollars. As if her new task isn't enough to hold up her desperate transition into a legit life, the man she’s forced to target to fund her million-dollar debt turns out to be none other than—you guessed it—Kellan.

Title: A Place To Stay
Word count: 63,000k
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance (opposites-attract)
Blurb: In attempt to clean up her life, Billie is on the run from her controlling ex-boyfriend who has just been released from prison. After getting hunted down at the motel she’s been hiding in, she shows up on Mark Decker’s doorstep—much to his surprise; they’d only met once before at a bar and that was eight months ago. After much effort, Billie manages to convince the straight and narrow defense attorney to allow her to stay the night until she figures something else out: hidden in a cul-de-sac in the suburbs, her ex will never find her here.

What’s meant to be an one-night arrangement turns into an explosion of sexual chemistry that neither can quit. When Mark’s car is vandalized—by you know who—and his housekeeper is found taped and gagged in the basement closet, things take a turn for the worst. Billie is on the run again and Mark wants nothing to do with her. But what about the passion these two shared?

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