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message 1: by Janice (new)

Janice | 1820 comments Mod
One Nomination per person (2 if you really can't decide).

The author you nominate has to be follow the January 2019 theme:

Time/Calendars - The Julian calendar was adopted by the Romans which set 1 January as the start of the new year (45BC) and Queen Victoria accepted the proposal on Standard Time which created time zones as we know them today (1885).


Japan, Seijin Shiki - YA/NA fiction. Or Japanese litfic for young folks

Nominations will be open until the 13th of December.

*** Can you host the discussion if your nomination is chosen? ***

To be a discussion Host you are agreeing to:
- read the book you nominated at the beginning of the month, if you haven't already read it.
- start the discussion in both the spoiler and spoiler-free threads by posting your thoughts and a few simple questions for readers to think/talk about
- inform the group if you're unable to host the discussion or will only be reading the book later in the month.

You may also offer to be the Host for someone else's nomination.

Authors and publishers may NOT nominate their own books for monthly discussions. Similarly, no one is permitted to rig the polls by inviting others or creating sockpuppets to join the group and vote for a book/author. Such votes will be disregarded and the book/author in question may be removed from the poll entirely.

Please tell us why you are nominating a certain book/author or why you want to read the book/author.

message 2: by Janice (new)

Janice | 1820 comments Mod
I nominate: Haruki Murakami and Jodi Taylor.

Haruki Murakami - The best known Japanese author.

Jodi Taylor - Taylor's Chronicle's of St. Mary's is a popular time travel series.

message 3: by Jax (new)

Jax | 899 comments Mod
I second Haruki Murakumi

And I nominate Karen Chance

KC's Cassandra Palmer series is a fun Urban Fantasy read with loads of time jumping (quite often involuntary) with a cast of amusing characters.

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