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Summer of the Phoenix: A True Story of Nature, Personal Transformation, and Modern-day Pioneering in the "Other" Colorado
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message 1: by P.J. (new) - added it

P.J. Paulson | 4 comments I'm totally confused about where I'm supposed to post this.

This book appears to be in the Goodreads database, but it is not appearing in my Author Profile. It looked like Add a Book was for adding it to the Goodreads database.

I'm not sure who needs to do what to get it to show up in my Author Profile. This is a 2nd edition and the subtitle is different from the 1st edition (which is on my Author Profile page). The 1st edition has been discontinued.

I thought I used to be able to add or claim my books myself.

Thank you!

A print version with black and white interior is also available. (ISBN: 978-0976323532)
A color interior paperback is in review and will be available shortly; this one has a different cover.

* Title: Summer of the Phoenix: A true story of nature, personal transformation, and modern-day pioneering in the "Other" Colorado
* Author(s) name(s): PJ Paulson
* ISBN (or ASIN): B07KP927P4
* Publisher: Handsel Publishers, Ltd.
* Publication date: November 18, 2018
* Format: ebook, paperback
* Page count: 217 per Amazon's ebook; 236 for the print book
* Description:
How do you bounce back when your life falls apart? Where do you go to recuperate? What do you do to heal? You can’t afford a move to Tuscany. A Spiritual Journey to Tibet is out of the question. Where do you go to awaken your True Soul…find a relief from pain (mental and/or physical)…make sense of the chaos…find the good in people…and just get by from day-to-day?

•you’ve just lost your job,
•your romance has ended,
•you’ve broken a leg, and
•your personal space has been violated

The people-devoid-of-caring whom you’re trying to deal with in handling these adversities are just throwing monkey wrenches into the mix.

Yes, it IS possible to heal and bounce back without traveling abroad! The author did it.

Unexpected unemployment, lost romance, a quirky painful medical condition, and repeated burglaries prompted an unconventional choice by the author to forego her city apartment, and embrace a simple, stripped-down, country life absent amenities such as plumbing, electricity, and central heat. Calling upon her pioneering spirit, she drew both serenity and strength from Mother Nature to savor life off the grid. During her retreat, she created a sanctuary in which she contemplated her own philosophies and life direction, ultimately transforming her outlook in the face of what appeared to have become a world gone mad.

In this combination journal of self-discovery, manual of self-reliance, and essay on the natural world, PJ Paulson proclaims her independence and individualism in a manner reminiscent of Thoreau’s experiment in social retreat at Walden Pond. Move the Massachusetts protagonist up a century-and-a-half and two-thirds of the way across the country, add some adversity to be overcome, keep the primitive life in harmony with nature that they share, and you have the gist of Summer of the Phoenix.

How do you rise from the ashes of your previous life? What was the secret ingredient that grounded the author and helped her discover a fresh outlook? Without realizing it at the time, savoring became a central theme that helped restore her when her old life fell apart. It can work for you, too! Check it out!

message 2: by annob (last edited Dec 03, 2018 05:50AM) (new)

annob | 1617 comments Hi PJ, book with Kindle ASIN B07KP927P4 moved to your author page.

Paperback with ISBN 9780976323532 added as well, visible in the link above.

If you wish to set one of the new versions of your book as the default edition (the one to show on your author page, in searches etc.) here's how:

Regarding your discontinued first editions; Goodreads keeps all records of published books, also out-of-print ones. More details here:

Claiming a book:
On Goodreads an author can claim a book by posting in this forum, just as you did. (The links named 'Add book' or ' Add a New Edition' on author and book detail pages are intended for adding a book/edition that doesn't exist in the Goodreads database yet.)

message 3: by Alyne (last edited Dec 07, 2018 05:30PM) (new)

Alyne Winter | 13 comments I have several books on Amazon that are not listed on here, or I can't claim books that are here. How do I get my books on my profile?
Also there are defunct editions listed that I want to delete. There's no point having them listed if they are not available, or no longer in that form.
Thank you,
Alyne de Winter

message 4: by Scott (new)

Scott | 21408 comments Alyne wrote: "I have several books on Amazon that are not on here or I can't claim books on Amazon that are not on here or I can't claim books on Amazon that are not on here or I can't claim them. them. them. bo..."

Alyne, please start a new thread as this one is attached to a particular book. Also, GR does not delete old editions; the point having them here is so that people can add them to their reading history.

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