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The day after yet another party Violet had found herself stranded at, she felt like she really needed a pick-me-up. So naturally, she woke early the next morning and made her usual bike ride to the local coffee house. Getting the hot chocolate here had been a longstanding tradition between her and her foster parents anytime she was upset.

Violet hopped off her bike and chained it to the bike rack before grabbing her wallet from the basket. She double checked to make sure the bike was secure, and once she was satisfied she practically skipped into the shop.

She had taken extra precautions to cover herself up today. She didn't need some man coming on to her and pulling out Vi again. Just the thought of loosing control again sent a chill down her spine.

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Violet quietly made her way through the line before she squeaked out her order to the cashier. He of course knew her regular order and and quickly rung it up - throwing in a snickerdoodle. Violet didn't mind the boys who threw themselves at her that much if they gave her free food - that was pretty much the only plus of being a succubi.

She smiled at the cashier, Jared, and stood off to the side to await her order. As she tapped her foot on the linoleum, Violet felt a .... a presence. Someone was staring. Violet was used to staring of course, but this felt different.

At the same time she felt Vi begin to excitedly stir in the recesses of her mind. She gritted her teeth and was determined to just shrug it off.

Violet had been so lost in thought she had missed her name being called. Her attention snapped back once she saw Jared standing in front of her, practically drooling as he passed her her drink and cookie.

She mumbled her thanks before slowly turning around and scanning the coffee house for an empty seat, and to possibly find the source of the chill she felt.

Violet padded her way to a small two person table by the window, her usual spot. On the way there she felt the chill growing stronger. As she took her seat Violet made eye contact with what she could only assume to be the the source of her unrest.

Though, it wasn't who she thought it would be. Instead of the typical starstuck man, Violet found herself gazing into the eyes of a young woman.

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Violet's heart began to pound as she saw the raven haired woman approach her. She really hadn't expected it, if anything she expected her to just smile and then the two would ignore each other until they left.

But now here she was, sitting across from a rather inreaguing person. Violet's hot chocolate choked her slightly as the stranger spoke up. The two girls clearly recognized each other as not human - and Violet was curious as to what she was.

Her face turned a deep red and it was all she could do to not hide behind her hands. "I - um" she looked around then for a moment, "don't know - it's ... weird." She said feeling she could be a bit open to this ... whatever she was.

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Casper followed Vee as she washed herself down in a body of water to make herself way less bloody than she was when they first met. He suggested to go to a coffee shop, being as ironic as it was since they didn’t technically need human food a drink anymore, but he still will always love a good bagel & a cup of coffee. It’s a remnant of his past life that will always stay with him. He was glad Vee joined him because he was so intrigued about her life, and had so many questions to ask her.

Pushing the door into the coffee shop and letting Vee walk in before him and breathed in all the many scents of the store (his heightened senses made everything just 10x more pleasurable) He smiles to himself as he led them to their seats by the window. “So tell me, when have you turned? It seems as if, judging by your reaction at least, it was pretty recently?” He asked putting both his elbows on the table as he waited for her reply.

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It felt good to be clean once again. Any sign of blood on her hands and face were gone, making her not appear like the monster she was. Plus it got rid of the metallic smell of the blood that had been encouraging her to drink more . However there were still a few spots of it splotched on her shirt, a little reminder that she will always be that monster. She knew she had to be more careful whenever she fed. She had to prepare an extra change of shirt and whips, because god knows where she’ll end up the next time and if she would have any water near her, as scary as that sounded. She could, however, simply change how she fed, but that would be like asking a lion to eat a salad.

Finally, after leaving the forest, the two made their way into town. All the while, Vee was thinking of all the things she wanted to ask. One question lead to another in her mind, but she forced herself to wait until they were properly seated. Upon walking up to the coffee shop, Vee couldn’t help have a look of confusion cross her face. Why here? She wondered. It wasn’t like they could eat. She just assumed it was to seem casual as they spoke about something that wasn’t casual.

After going in and taking a seat next to the window, Vee couldn’t help but have her eyes wonder around the shop. The last time she came to the Coffe House was with Norman, and thinking about him brought an empty feeling to her chest. Ever since he died, she never had a reason to come here afterwards. Her gaze rested on her hands afterwards, looking lost and far. I really miss you Norman, Vee thought to herself as if he could hear her.

Hearing Casper speak brought her back to reality. “Huh?” She said and looked up, then realized what he had asked her, reminding her why they were here. “Oh.. ugh.. yes.” She finally spoke as she brushed her short hair out of her face. She then crossed her arms on the table and leaned on it in an attempt to cover the small spots of blood from prying eyes. “It’s been four months since I officially found out about what I am.” She tells him a softly because talking about it hurt a bit.

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While Vee was wishfully thinking about someone, Caspers thoughts drifted off into his previous significant other. Unlike Vee, however, the person he was thinking of was very much so alive. He left her behind with everyone else in his past life, and no matter how much it hurt he knew it was for the best. (view spoiler) Just the mere thought of Casper losing control around her and doing anything -- it's just too painful of a thought, so he pushed it behind the furthest and deepest crevice of his subconscious. Leaving her was the safest yet most depressing option.

Leaning back in his chair he watched Vee, analyzing the way she fidgeted in her chair and look around wildly. He could tell she was uncomfortable in her own skin which meant it definitely wasn't likely that she has been a vampire for too long. Her answer didn't surprise him by that much. Yet it was extremely intriguing.

"I don't want to pry, but do you mind telling me more." He uncrossed his arm -- trying to seem as unintimidating as possible. It seemed like so long ago compared to when he turned. He remembered what it felt like to be recently turned, the thirst and the sheer aggression that he exhibited was so opposite to the scared girl in front of him. He wondered why that was.

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Vee wished he hadn’t asked her that question, but had asked something else. Like how does she hunt, does anyone know. Something that didn’t have to do with her discovery of what she was. But she knew if she wanted to know things about him, and hopefully discover more about herself, she had to be honest with him, even if it pained her.

Trying to force a smile to seem okay, Vee glanced out the window for a moment, thinking of everything she was going to tell him. She stayed like that even when she spoke. “Well... I guess I changed a while before I actually found out. I always got sick around food, and never felt satisfied. I noticed my scenes changed, my strength increased, and I was faster. But like... I never really payed that much attention to it. I thought I was over thinking it.” Vee started from the beginning. She then turned to face him again as she went on, starting the harder part.

“It was until four months ago, when I was out with my best friend.... that I found out.” Her voice was small, and her eyes became a bit glassy. “I had this crazy thirst. No matter how much water a drink, it just wouldn’t leave. Norman, my friend, made fun of me. He said even if I drank a whole ocean I would still be thirsty.” There was a ghost of a smile on her lips at the memory. She couldn’t help but play back the whole thing in her mind as she told Casper it. “We went to the forest, near the falls, to camp like we normally do. But that night... something came over me. This hunger and fierceness took control over my body. I lost it for a moment... and.... the last thing I remember was me attacking Norman. I-I... I killed my best friend and...” fed from him. Her voice was barely a whisper and she couldn’t even bring herself to finish the sentence. She tore her gaze from Casper as she felt her eyes burn with tears. Vee blinked a few times, feeling them spill. She’s never spoken about that night aloud or to anyone, and finally doing it made it all real, and all too painful. She felt her shoulders shake as grieved for her lost friend.

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Everything fell silent for a moment as Casper lowered his eyes back onto the table. Hearing her stories only confirmed his worst fear that he would possibly lose control and attack his closet friends or even his family. When you turn, it doesn't matter who it is or what their relationship is too you -- if you're thirsty, you're thirsty. The searing sensation that burns through you're throat consumes all your thoughts and drives you towards the unthinkable. Casper can recall a couple of times where he's lost control, but he was lucky enough (would he even consider that lucky?) enough to feed on unsuspecting strangers. He doesn't remember the attack themselves, but he remembers the feeling of the warm blood seeping down his throat and the animalistic urge of wanting more...

Clearing his throat he shook those thoughts back into his mind and focused on Vee instead. She was living his worst nightmare. If he was her he'd never see the light of day again -- preferring to be holed up in his house until he found a way to live with himself again. Though if he told her that he was sure to only further make her feel bad about herself, which she shouldn't because even though it was her who killed him, it was the beastly side that she never asked for in the first place.

"I'm am so sorry to hear that. I'm really sorry." He said, partially apologizing for even asking that question. He should have known the story of her turning wouldn't be a fairytale, that's just the nature of becoming a vampire. Yet, if he knew where her story was going he would've have prevented opening old wounds. "If it makes you feel any better," He started, knowing it wouldn't "handling your urges does get easier. Even if it doesn't feel that way at first."

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Vee kept her head down, not wanting to be seen by anyone that she was crying. People would wonder what the hell it was she was talking about to be crying at a coffee house. So she eagerly wiped at her tears and tried to catch her breath. But it was really hard not to be crying. Talking about what she did for the first time to someone aloud ripped open her wound and she was left to deal with the pain once again. She had tried to bury it away. Her parents worried about her, and her sister asked her about it. But she pushed them away, telling them she was okay, even though she clearly wasn’t.

“It’s... it’s okay. I’m sorry for crying.... I didn’t mean to.” She sniffled a few times and rubbed at her eyes before looking back to him. “It’s just... I haven’t spoken about it to anyone... and, y’know. It’s just... so hard.” Her voice cracked for a moment but she cleared her throat. Brushing her hair out of face since a few strands were sticking to her wet cheeks.

“Does it really?” She asked him in disbelief, almost wide eyed. She wasn’t sure if he was just telling her this to make her feel better, or because it was true. “Because I’m afraid of losing control again. I’m afraid one day I’ll wake up to find my family dead. I can’t live with myself if that were to happen. It’s enough I lost one person. I don’t want to lose anyone else.” Vee tells him, sounding desperate. It was clear that she wanted help, needed help. She was afraid of herself and what she could do, and the longer she tried to deal with alone, the more likely she would lose it.

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Watching the tears stream down her cheeks made Casper feel terrible. Really really terrible. Kicking himself in his head for even bringing the situation up he leaned back in his chair with a sigh. "Really I should have never asked." He murmured looking down at Vee, her cheeks damp and her head ducked down low. A selfish part of himself was grateful that he didn't live in the situation, for he didn't know how he would be able to handle it.

"It does getting better I mean," He gestured back at him with a half smile, hoping to perk her up even in the slightest. "Look at me, I'm the spitting image of coping." And in reality, he was. When was the last time he fed? Too long. And still, the pulsing heartbeats and blood coursing through every single human that walked through the coffee shop did not faze him in the slightest. In his mind, they weren't even there. He could wait until his night shift tonight to get his fill, that's what he has been doing since he's adapted. And he knew that that's something Vee could do as well.

"All it takes is a little guidance, that's all." He said, gazing down at her.

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The edge of her lips slightly raised in a very small smile as he tried to cheer her up. She sniffles a few times and wiped at her nose. Could he really mean it? Could she actually get better? The idea gave her hope for the future. Many times after what happened she would fall into a scary dark place, always close to giving up on trying to move on. It was really hard for her, after what she did and who she lost. She couldn’t see herself going on in life, but she stayed, for her family.

When he mentioned guidance, she couldn’t help but think of something. “Do you.... do you think you could help me? Maybe teach me how to cope with it? Please. I could really use your help. I’ll do anything to pay you back.” Vee was quick to promise, but she was just so afraid of hurting someone else, she was actually willing to do almost anything. “Please Casper. I mean, I get if your busy... or like, if you don’t want to get involved with me. But I could really use your help.”

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Looking at the hints of the smile spreading on her face made him breathe a little bit easier. He technically caused her to cry, so seeing her wipe her eyes and sit up a little bit straighter caused the tightness in his chest and throat to melt away. He wouldn't bring up her changing again unless Vee brought it up herself. No more tears, no more fear. Casper was here to help, like a comedically ironic antihero.

Leaning forward on the table, leveling his eye contact with her, he nodded. "Of course I will help you Vee." He started. "I honestly have no life besides my night shift at the hospital anyway." If he could assist at least one vampire wreak less havoc in the town of Warwick the better he could sleep at night. Well, technically not sleep but you get the point. "You don't owe me anything. Trust me, we will get you better."

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Her smile grew when he agreed to help her. Any worry or fear she had felt at the moment disappeared. She could finally learn to control herself, to live normally- kind of- and hopefully be with her family for as much as she can. It felt really good, like the weight of the world was lifted from her shoulders, if that made any sense. Because she had hope.

“Thank you,” she tells him. It was funny how just a few minutes ago when she met him, she had been so afraid, and so embarrassed. But now she was thankful and relieved with him. He would teach her everything he had learned himself. Hearing how he had a night shift at the hospital, it made her wonder how the hell he was able to do that. To be around blood and death without caving in? He must be really good. She was afraid of simply attending the New Years ball because of how many people would attend, and he was always surrounded by blood. Come to think of it, Vee remembered how her parents were telling her she had to go and how she said she didn’t want to, and that worried them. Maybe, just maybe, she could go with him so her parents don't think she’s acting weird or still depressed from Norman’s death, even though she was.

“This will probably sound weird, but can you be my date to the ball? But as friends of course. My parents what me to go, but I’m too afraid to be around so many people. I was thinking maybe with you, I could go and learn how to act normal?” She finally asked him, hoping he would agree if though it was sudden, and maybe a little too weird.

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Five years in Warwick and he was never asked not once to the ball. Partly because he simply never felt the need to go -- it was not something on his immediate to-do-list, he was too busy trying not to sink his fangs into anything that breathed. Now that he feels ready, it was nice to actually be invited somewhere by someone who wasn't terrified of him. He chuckled to himself, before rubbing his mouth -- trying to wipe the smile off his face. His stoic and nonchalant facade was breaking, and it was worrying.

"A date to the ball?" He pretended to think about that for a moment, playing with the napkins absentmindedly, humming to himself before looking back at her expectant face. Seeing her so eager for a response only made him burst out in laughter. "Sure. I'll go with you." Casper leaned back in his seat and put his hands behind his head. "When I'm done with you, you're going to forget you even became a," looking around to make sure no one heard him "vampire."

Saying it made it all the more real. They were vampires, bloodthirsty and dangerous. Yet, sitting in a completely normal coffee shop amongst completely normal people, it didn't feel that weird anymore.

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Vee hopes he didn’t take the whole thing too serious. He would go as her friend, nothing more. Not even that, to be honest. More like a mentor. Though she wouldn’t mind calling him a friend, kind of. She wasn’t willing to build any friendship or have any attachment with anyone just yet, even if he was a vampire. She would always be afraid, and so that meant she will always be alone. Even if he taught her how to be ‘normal’ . She just didn’t think love was for her anymore, as sad as that sounded, and would take her a while to be convinced other wise. Which was sad, because as a teenager girl, she had dreams of falling in love and finding the one. She would scroll through instagram’s exploser page for hours, watching all the cute things couples did. But alas, she would never have that.

Still, seeing his face, with the way he smiled, and the sound of his laughter, it brought a warm feeling to her chest. One that Norman used to bring not too long ago. She didn’t want to think of any depressing thoughts at the moment, and just focused on Casper and how he seemed glad by her offer. She smiled happily when he agreed to go with her, and she couldn’t wait to let her parents know. At least they’ll think she’s getting better and that they wouldn’t always have to turn to Lydia because they knew would do things right.

Vee softly laughed when he spoke about how he would fix her up. He looked so cool, so nonchalant, so relaxed with his arms behind his head and saying the word vampire like it was nothing. “I hope so,” she tells him, looking around to everyone else in the shop who looked normal. “It’s a date then, for friends. Um.. I don’t have my phone on me, so maybe I could give you my number?” Vee suggested. She had bolted out of the house so fast to feed, she didn’t even grab her phone.

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