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Madison (thegalpal) | 247 comments Gideon walked into the bar radiating confidence. He always did. He approached the bar and gracefully lowered himself onto a stool. The Bartender walked over so she was across the bar from Gideon. "Good evening miss, I'll have a rum in coke, please" he smiled charmingly and added a cheeky wink before she turned to make his drink. As he waited, Gideon looked around the bar, he liked to people watch and at the moment he had a decent crowd of varying personalities to observe. At the moment he was watching a couple who sat a few chairs away, they were clearly on a first date.

As he watched the couple laugh over some anecdote, the bartender set his drink down in front of him, he noticed she seemed a tad jittery. He knew without even having to look down that she'd written her phone number on his napkin. He checked anyway and found that his guess had been correct, she had slipped her phone number to him on a napkin. He looked back up and locked eyes with her, he gave her another smile, this one lacking the charm from before, it was more of a courtesy smile.

Gideon grabbed his drink and turned, leaning his back against the bar. He noticed that the couple from before was gone, and their table had a small pile cash on it. His guess was that the date had gone very well and they took off in a hurry. Gideon chuckled a bit at the thought. He sipped from his drink slowly taking the energy of the bar, appreciating the electric vibe of young people living in their prime, that why he loved bars so much, they seemed to be full of that energy.

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Madison (thegalpal) | 247 comments Gideon turned his head to see the man who'd just joined him at the bar. He was very handsome, but that wasn't the first thing he noticed. Before even turning Gideon could tell he was approached by another warlock. The energy was so obvious, he also felt the energy was strong so he assumed this man also worked in a warlock's shop.

"Maybe she is maybe not." He smirked "I just would prefer a face to face interaction over being slipped a note. Now that is just lazy flirting don't you think" he added a cheeky wink as punctuation. Gideon took in the mans appearance obviously checking him out. Gideon was an openly flirty guy, occasionally flirting without meaning to. He's the kind of guy you take home to meet your parents and he pretends to mistake your mom for your sister to make a good first impression. He's the kind of guy who casually flirts, but when he falls for someone the rest of the world disappears and that person gets Gideon's rare genuine romantic side.

"I'm Gideon, I'm sure we haven't met because I'd remember energy like yours" He grinned lazily "and a face like yours" Gideon waved over the waitress again "can I get another Rum in coke for my friend here" the waitress looked between them and frowned, Gideon expected, and even hoped for this reaction from her. She turned to make the drink and Gideon took a long sip from his own glass

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