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Ellie had been wandering around for a while now. She had a school bag on her back as she hiked around. She was scared and unsure of what was going on. At first, she had run out into the woods after the attack, then she spent the night at an abandoned cabin. Why would he attack her? Was that the plan originally was to lead her out to this town and hurt her. Eleanor was scared, scared of the friend she made because now she couldn't even trust them. She should have gone to the police but she was too scared and just wanted to get away. This was why she had decided to convince her parents to let her move here.

Ellie was sixteen and even though she was a minor she cared for herself most all the time. Her parents even gave her a credit card so she could move to Warwick. They trusted her and thought it was a good idea. Maybe being on her own would get her to be more outgoing and self-sufficient but no. She was lost in the wood, starving and cold. She could barely hear herself think because of the rushing water. By golly, she was certain that town was this way when she left the cabin a couple of hours ago.

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Max | 103 comments Eyes glued in front of him, breath coming out in ragged pants, Luke tore through the trees like madman. In light of recent events he probably would have considered himself a madman. It had been two days since he had been bitten on the neck by a complete stranger in the park. Not like sexy hickey bite, like really bit hard enough to bleed profusely. He hadn't been to school since and he didn't plan on going back for a long time. Things had changed since the attack... he saw things differently. Things smelled different and for some reason the idea of hospitals was suddenly very attractive. Luke had never really liked hospitals, or blood but suddenly he didn't mind the idea of that red liquid anymore. Feeling sick and panicked, he had made the executive decision not to go to school. Instead he had grabbed his earbuds and gone for an evening jog. Running always helped him calm down and get a hold of his thoughts. Before he had even realized it, he had found himself running towards the water fall in the forest. He liked the water, especially when he was alone. He could watch the water for ages.

Today though, there seemed to be no calm in his running and his breath was only coming faster in his panic. Not because he was tired from the activity, but because his mind was reeling too fast and he didn't understand why his head hurt so much and why he seemed to be able to hear every little rustle of trees or bushes. Branches snapped under his feet as he ran but he only sped faster, until he smacked straight into something that yielded under the impact. Not something, someone. Tumbling forward he landed on the ground hard, bringing down whoever he had run into with him.
"Shit. Watch where you're going." He snapped angrily, his mood had been even more sour lately than usual. Nothing felt broken or even hurt much to his surprise and he sat up with a scowl. The only thing that hurt was his lip which he had evidently bit down on by mistake when he tripped. He had been biting his lip a lot for some reason during the day by mistake.

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Ellie was to distracted to focus on her surroundings that it was only when whoever first touched her that she realized what was happening. She was lost and everything was loud in her ears that she couldn't focus on anything. Her mind had been whirling and now she was on the ground with someone half onto of her. It was all to fast but what did register was the sharp pain in her side. It was a stinging sensation and the next thing she knew she felt some type of liquid. Blood, she didn't have to see it to know what it was because she smelled it first. "Ow," she whispered out as her hand went to cover the now bleeding wound.

Eleanor wasn't able to hear what this boy was saying because she was too focused on the blood on her hand. She had always been a squeamish child. Never liked shots and hated the sight of blood but this was different. It excited her? No but it got her attention that was for sure. Did this have to do something with being attacked last night? It had to right or maybe she was crazy. Ellie never thought of herself as crazy or odd from how she seemed to blend into a room like no other. What brought her to reality was the stinging in her side. "Ow, fuck." She muttered it under her breath as she looked at the wound.

It had been a pointed stick that cut through her top and skin. And boy did it hurt. Plus Ellie was a whimp when it came to being hurt. She was prone to injury and over time she had a lot happen that made her hate getting hurt. "Maybe you should watch where you're going instead," she said as she stayed on the ground in case she did become squeamish and decided to faint like she had last time she seen blood.

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Max | 103 comments ((I’m going to have to post tomorrow! Sorry I’ve been super busy today. Just a question though... he wouldn’t find her blood enticing would he? Do vampires like their own blood? Or is she still enough of a human for it to be mostly human blood.))

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Why was everything so strange today? His eyes felt like he was extremely hungover, which in his memory he was not. He could hear things that he never should have been able to hear before and now the metallic scent of blood reached his nose, making him turn to look sharply at the girl he had knocked over. He didn't know what was happening, but he did know that he had never been able to smell blood before like that. Stories of strange Warwick creatures crowded his mind but he quickly pushed them away. He was a person who had just been mugged in the park and was having a bad day as a result. Nothing had changed, he was the same person he had been before last night. But the fang like bites on his neck said otherwise.

"Oh grow up." He grumbled as she whimpered like a child on the ground. He had no patience for anyone who wasn't his friend or someone popular. His life was built on a pyramid of popularity, be nice to the ones above him and everyone else below him was dirt. He wasn't sure how his life had become that way, but that's just how it was. Getting up he, he felt his gaze snapping to the crimson liquid on her hands. There was this feeling he got in his throat when he saw blood. He could quite describe it, but it felt horrible.
"It's just a cut." He told her with a roll of his eyes, turning away from her so that he didn't have to look at the blood anymore. The feeling still clawed angrily at his throat and he absentmindedly brushed his fingers over the fang marks that lay just above the collar of his shirt.

Still trying to stay away from the blood, he turned back to the girl and held out a hand so he could help her get up. He figured that even if she was just some wimp who couldn't handle pain, he had still knocked her over and he couldn't just leave her lying on the forest floor.

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Ellie huffed a little when she was told to grow up. She was bleeding and this boy here was telling her that she wasn't allowed to be hurt. "It might get infected if I don't get it checked out though." She has been injured enough to know the basics on what could happen. Ellie had also decided to be a bit stubborn to accept his help since she had been knocked down then told to grow and harden up. She was a squishy girl who also got hurt more often than not. She should be used to the pain by now, although, she wasn't and it made her the 'weakling' all the time and everyone knew that.

Instead of niceties she looked at the boy and then looked at the path he had come running down. She was lost and needed help with everything around the town. Holding her side to keep pressure on the wound and hopefully clot the blood before she lost a lot considering she had anemia. That probably factored into why she was so whimpy about pain and being hurt. "Um... do you know where the hospital is?" she asked as clueless as she was. Maybe this boy would laugh, it wouldn't surprise her because she didn't know anything about Warwick before coming here last night. And then she ran off from the only person who could help her around, make sure she got settle alright. Stupid move, Ellie she told herself over and over.

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Max | 103 comments ((Sorry for not responding! Life got really busy))

Luke raised an eyebrow and laughed under his breath. She didn't know where the hospital was? Warwick was a tiny town, basically everyone knew everyone and it wasn't hard to find things. Basically she just had to walk in circles and eventually you'd find what you were looking for.
"Are you new to town or something?" He asked with a smirk on his lips. New people to town wasn't a common occurrence. No one wanted to move to a little town in the middle of no where. Luke himself always dreamed of leaving Warwick. Going to the big city, even if for just a visit. He had moved to Warwick when he was too young to remember anything else and he had never left either. He wanted to see the rest of the world, the big lights of New York City, or the amazing mountains in Canada. But he was stuck here, taking care of his grandmother and anyways there wasn't enough money to go traveling anyways.

"It's just down the path. Here I guess I should take you." He grumbled. He didn't want to be the reason she fainted in the forest or something. Without waiting for a reply he began to walk back down the path he had come. Either she would follow him or not, it was her choice. He didn't care if she decided to run off and get lost or come back to town. Usually he would have avoided the hospital at all costs since he hated the smell and even just the thought of it. But now for some reason he was finding that he didn't mind the sound of it so much anymore. The strange feeling in his throat still scratched at him and he lifted his hand once again to the bite on his neck. It hurt more than any scrap or cut he had ever gotten before.

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If everyone knew everyone then why hadn't this guy question Ellie. She was new and rich. An way tell was from the gold bracelet on her wrist. It glimmered brightly when the light it it. "Yes," she mumbled out as her looked down at her wound. It was bleeding still and it probably will until it is bandaged properly. "I arrived here last night, took a bus." Ellie is wealthy but she came to Warwick on a bus and anyone could see through her wrinkled clothes the they were expensive and top of the line. The question of why her parents let her go off on her own to this small town was a mystery now.

It wasn't hard to tell that the guy was annoyed with the fact that he was taking her to the hospital. She was grateful that he was because she was afraid that she would pass out is she had to get there on her own. It wouldn't be the first time she has an passed out from blood loss if she had. When he started walking she had torn to try and catch up with him. It wasn't because she wasn't fast but more so because she had her backpack and was then having to hold her side. It stung to move quickly after him but she bit her lip to keep herself from hissing at the pain. God she was such a wimp and it didn't help her any. Eleanor should be thanking him for taking her to the hospital but she felt like she should also scold him for his attitude. What if she had passed out on his now because of her anemia blood cells. Would he freak out? She should also introduced herself for the sake she did pass out from blood loss.

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Max | 103 comments "So you came her voluntarily?" He asked with a grimace. Again, he was chomping at the bit to get out of Warwick, and yet this girl had just moved her. Despite his bad mood, pounding headache and impatience, he was just a little curious about this girl. She was obviously rich, considering the jewelry she was wearing and the clothing too. Luke ran with the popular crowd, so he spent a lot of time choosing what to wear. He didn't have the money to buy the expensive brands that were popular but he knew how to fake it. He knew how to put together the right outfits to look good, where to get fake brand stuff and everything related to being popular. It took a lot more work than people thought to look good but effortless. Yet this very wealthy girl had come to Warwick and was lost in the forest after only being her for one night. He was surprised that her parents weren't around or something. His grandmother hadn't mentioned any new families in town so he hadn't heard anything about this girl's parents.

"Jeez. It's just a scrape." He muttered under his breath. He didn't have a lot of sympathy for weaklings. Get tough or get killed. That was his motto in life and anyone who wasn't going to get tough really wasn't worth his time. Despite that, the girl was looking awfully pale and he was worried that she was going to pass out. His headache had come back even worse and it felt like someone was trying to tear through his head. He didn't want to have to deal with fainting teenagers today. Luckily Warwick very condensed and after slowing down just a little for her to catch up, he could already see the outline of buildings that led out from the forest. She just had to not faint for another few minutes and then he could pass her off to some trained professional. Hopefully he wouldn't have to see her again unless it was at school, and by then his headache would probably be gone. In all honesty he wouldn't be surprised if she ended up being in the same general friend group as him at school. She was pretty, and wealthy, perfect popular kid material.

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Ellie nodded when he asked if she came her willingly. Yes, she asked her parents if they would allow her to move to Warwick by herself. They agreed but only with the condition that she have a 'nanny or governess' with her while she lived there. She was actually meant to spend the first couple of days with her friend while her governess was moving down to the care of her. It was the woman who had technically raised her since her parents were always busy with their careers. Nobody was really aware of Eleanor's move because she had yet to pick out the place she would be living at. That was what she was supposed to be doing with her friend today.

For just a scrape there was a lot of blood. It was a deep wound but not enough to cause stitches but with Ellie being anemic it was worse. Her fans was cover in blood and her shirt was soaking what she couldn't stop with pressure. She was also extremely pale considering her normal coloring. She was also getting dizzy and lightheaded but she could see the buildings up ahead. If so she pushed herself she could make it before she passed out and she definitely would. She hadn't ate since lunch yesterday and she was now bleeding. She would most likely pass out from the combination of low blood sugar and being anemic. It was when her legs almost gave out that she stopped and leaned on a tree. She gave out and exasperated laugh and shook her head. "I have anemia," she whispered as she tried to get ahold of her sense and keep herself wake.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Rozene was laying on top of a branch that was above the rushing falls below. She adored the sound of water passing by. So violent but strangely soothing. Just finishing her transformation rounds, her desire for water had been fulfilled. Now it was only laziness left.

Her leg swung beneath her, she felt the branch shake at the movement. It only made her grin. Only a while ago below her waist, was a scaly moss green tail. Rozene’s hair still dripped water. Now her legs were covered by her trusty jean shorts.

She noticed a few birds staring down at her from higher branches. Rozene stuck her tongue out at them, only to hear the cooing replies and more flutter of wings. She smirked. “Let’s see what you think of this” she muttered. Closing her eyes, she concentrated. Then when they fluttered open again, her fangs protruded out of her mouth as she hissed at the innocent birds. The birds didn’t hesitate once to move away, thinking a lion was up inhabiting in the branches alongside them. “Cowards” she said, putting her hands underneath her head. Though happy at her feat, she couldn’t help but dislike the solitude it left her. She sighed, and her leg started swinging to and fro once more.

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“Duke! Duke-!

Renny’s shouts carried over the warble of the stream, his sneakered feet slipping and splashing on its slick pebbles. He was breathless, stitches fixed in his sides as he pathetically hobbled along after his dog. Duke had been perfectly fine the past three miles hiking along with Ren off his leash, as they normally did on the path. Except, this time, the barking bastard had taken off running and refused to listen to any of his owner’s commands, darting off into the shallows of the river towards an unknown target. Ren was guessing it was some bird or squirrel that had caught his attention, but in this instance, he was short on patience.

He seemed to be a short fuse as of lately, and it might have had something to do with the fact that his sister was always avoiding him and work had become shit ever since the new manager stepped in. “Duke, I swear to fucking God-!” Ren slowed his pace to a ginger walk after a smarting pain started throbbing in his ankle, his hands cupped around his lips as he threatened the dog splashing in the distance. The falls were just up ahead, and it seemed like Duke had found them a shortcut right to where the trail ended.

As he came within the last fifteen feet, he could see that Duke was sniffing a particular tree, occasionally tilting his head back to bark at something up in its branches. By the way his tail was wagging, Ren knowingly shook his head, half expecting to catch glimpse of a bird nesting safely in its branches. Instead he was startled by the unexpected.

He had to do a double-take; Ren couldn’t exactly believe that there was a person sitting in the tree. A girl, in shorts, no less, on this chilly fall afternoon. How had Duke smelled her a near mile away, and why did the stupid fuck care about some girl? Although perplexed, Ren quickly remembered his manners and jogged the last few feet to grab Duke by the collar and hook him aggressively back onto his leash with a scolding smack on the nose.

“Hey, uh,” Renny tilted his head back and squinted up at the curious girl, judgement briefly flickering across his eyes. “Sorry, he got loose,” he offered lamely, shouting over the roar of the falls. “The hell you doin’ up there? Are you stuck?” Ren crossed his arms across his chest, eyebrows knit over his concerned eyes.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Rozene sat upwards as she heard a barking noise crashing through the forest. The branch shook but her hands were already there to steady her body to avoid gravity taking a hold of the situation. She saw a patch of fur then as it came closer saw the dog that had found her. “Easy boy” she cooed. As her hands lowered down in an attempt to calm the exciting animal. Then she heard a yell out a name. A boy. Her eyes widened when she figured out the register. “Duke?” She said to the still barking dog.

Then running, or rather, limping through the falls was the owner of the dog. She moved closer to the tree trying to blend in with the natural surroundings but he’d already seen her. And he was surely confused by her. She gave him weak smile, and waved her hand. “Um, hello to you too” she said awkwardly.

“And what the hell are you doing down there?” She retorted, quirking up an eyebrow. Rozene leaned down towards the ground, the back of her knees hooked on the branch. Almost mirroring Spiderman’s upside down pose. Her lips which were tugged upwards in a smile wavering as she met the boy’s eyes. They held anger resembling almost a tidal wave of fire but had softened to show concern over Rozene’s tree stunt. “He’s curious” she nodded to the dog, Duke.

Wisps of her hair escaped the braid she had, blurring her view of the boy slightly, with a free hand she moved them away, and her lips moved back to their playful smile. “Yes, I’m voluntarily stuck in a tree” she said. “Are you my knight in sweaty armour?” She gasped. Then pointed to Duke. “And steed! Wow!” She laughed, an almost melodic twinkle. “Sorry, sorry. Are you alright?” She asked, her eyes glinting in soft worry.

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