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message 1: by Okie (new)

Okie (okieb) | 2065 comments Mod
Reading Frost by Marit Nillson (HR). And because Christmas- Fairytale Of Laguardia by A.E. Wasp & Beth Bolden (HR), Christmas Lane by Amy Aislin, All I Want Is You by DJ Jamison, and All I Want For Christmas Is My Sisters Boyfriend by Brooke Blaine & Ella Frank.

message 2: by Chocolatesoup (last edited Dec 03, 2018 07:12AM) (new)

Chocolatesoup | 365 comments I'm reading and enjoying Best of Luck by Kate Clayborn and Hot Winter Nights by Jill Shalvis.

message 3: by Irisheyes (new)

Irisheyes | 893 comments Reading Best of Luck, too, Chocolatesoup, and enjoying it. RL is making it slow going, though. Finished Mary Balogh's Someone to Trust. It was good, as MB usually is, but not my favorite.

message 4: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2081 comments Mod
I finished someone to trust and liked it. I think my favorite in tbr series though is the second one, Camilles book.

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