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Esmé D'Amico | 1 comments When I was a little girl I struggled to keep up with the rest of class because I had dyslexia, but at the time I thought I was just stupid. Because of this my mother encouraged me to read in my spare time and one book in particular I absolutely loved reading. My memory is terrible but I can remember that the main character was a young girl who hated the rules that came with her gender, her father was old fashioned and had many scars covering his body after his dragon tried to kill him, this very dragon appears later in the book. Her family home gets burnt to the ground, sadly killing everyone but her and her brother. The blue dragons I mentioned in the title dwell a mountain and one of the hatchling's gets imprinted on the girl when it's mother is gone. I don't know how or when but her brother is forced to join a school where they learn to tame dragons. I remember one particular part when his bully of a classmate gets a bit too confident with his riding skills and shockingly is ripped to shreds by his dragon's talons. Yes it sounds dark for a girl's first proper read, but it's a book that's close to my heart.

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Kris | 35105 comments Mod
Esmé, around what year did you read this book? A range of years is fine, and will help narrow down the search.

Do any of the humans have special or magical powers? Older or younger brother? What does the girl like to do?

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Lara Miller | 11 comments Could it be Shadow of the Dragon: Kira, by Kate O'Hearn? I feel like I read that a year or two ago. One of the rules for girls was that they had to be married by age 13. :P


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