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message 1: by Atl (new)

Atl (dark_leo) | 107 comments I decided to start a thread. I'm about 11% in, I have to finish this by next Sunday 12/9 for a meetup discussion . I'm having a hard time focusing on it. I'm also listening to /reading heart shaped box by Joe hill and I'd much rather be reading that. I've read criticisms of the witch elm that's a bunch of disjointed characters, and I can see that, but king apparently really loves this book. I've given myself 72 pages a day to read and I'm already behind. 😄 it's my first Tana French book. I don't like jumping into an authors work with the first one, but right now that's the way it has to be.

message 2: by Erin (new)

Erin (ems84) | 2106 comments The story had a lot of promise but I do agree that the characters are pretty disjointed. I also think that the book was too long. I am not opposed to lengthy novels but in this case, the main mystery ended up being lost in too many other plots.

message 3: by Atl (new)

Atl (dark_leo) | 107 comments It’s actually gotten better now that I’m farther along and the actual skull has been discovered.

message 4: by Jerry (new)

Jerry Balzano | 123 comments I love Tana French, she is simply an amazing writer. For what it's worth, though, I thought this book was not quite as good as her six "Dublin Murder Squad" books. Yes, I've read them all! and I've even reread a few of them. They are literary treasures, and I've actually given all six of them a five-star rating. The Witch Elm I gave 4 stars (actually more like 4.3 stars for the record). So I'd say this: If for whatever reason you don't make it all the way through this book, please don't give up on her as an author; reading the "Dublin Murder Squad" books! This recommendation holds even if (maybe even especially if) you don't like "murder mysteries" or "police procedurals".

message 5: by Atl (new)

Atl (dark_leo) | 107 comments @jerry I’m reading it for a local meet up so I’ll finish it lol but I in the woods is on my tbr list!

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