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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Short fiction/romance/Christian book - Actress getting away from Hollywood scene ends up on a boat of a fisherman in southern USA. [s]

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Sarah S | 5 comments This was a short, simple read (fiction/romance). I think you could compare it to a Reader's Digest condensed book. If I recall, the author is male and a Christian fiction writer.

Modern day (1990s to present) about an actress trying to get away from the Hollywood scene. For whatever reason she chooses the swamps/ocean of LA or FL?? She ends up on the boat of a young man (who I believe is a fisherman) where they do the whole bit of not liking each other but end up falling in love.

There's a priest/preacher involved as a friend of the fisherman. The priest had been a friend of this young man's father.

I'm having a hard time recalling the middle of the story. I don't want to mislead but at some point they may have ended up visiting Europe??

Good luck!

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Lizzy | 5 comments "Unwritten" by Charles Martin?Unwritten

Sarah S | 5 comments Lizzy wrote: ""Unwritten" by Charles Martin?Unwritten"

Yes that it's Lizzy. Thank you!

Can I ask how you found it so fast? I tried a few resources but to no avail obviously.

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Lizzy | 5 comments I've read that book before! Charles Martin is one of my favorite authors and I recognized the plot from your description!

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