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Merenwen Inglorion | 21 comments This will be the topic for the charries (one-offs and more important people) that are making an appearance in another RP I'm doing. I hadn't been planning on making a folder for this because I was only planning on using one detailed OC, but enough of the side characters are offering stories of their own that I need a way to keep track of them. :P

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Merenwen Inglorion | 21 comments Name: Lady Amaru, Goddess of Death and Lies, Gold and Life, plus the bazillion other titles and nicknames she's earned in the long span of her existence

Appearance: see current appearance here .

About: A goddess of immense power, she is currently harboring Loki and his daughter from their tormentor, Fox. She is one of the only gods from Asgard left in this dimension, as most others were wiped out in a chaotic event [which I'm still trying to come up with a cool name for :P]. She is sometimes pragmatic, other times reckless. Prone to forgetting that mortals and demi-gods don't have the same resistance or strength that gods have.

Abilities: She is a highly skilled magic-user, and a shapeshifter. Her preferred forms are that of snakes or dragons, though she is hardly limited to these. Other abilities she has chosen to reveal in different times include but are not limited to:
-Invulnerability (stab and shoot her as much as you want, it's not going to do much. Shoving her off a tower just ticks her off.)
-Elemental control (Fire, water, earth, plant, lightning. She typically uses motions to control the elements, but has been known to do so without.)
-Soul sucking/claiming (once she names you, your soul is hers. If she's feeling generous, she may store your soul in a gem, or use it for enchanting things. How many of your names she must know to do this depends on your status: mortal, demi-god, or full fledged god/goddess.)

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