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Fra Alle Os Til Alle Jer (Disney's Juleklassikere, #24)
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Rebekka Hindbo (goodreadscomrebekka_hindbo) | 19 comments Hi :)

Alright, firstly, it says that there are 3 editions of this book when in fact, it is actually 3 separate books. Can they be separated? Secondly, they are all a part of a series, but number 24 does not have a # in front so it does not show up like that, will you change that?

Finally, number 25 has just been published but needs a # in front of the number and is missing the number of pages in the book.

Link to number 25:
Link to seller that states that there are 256 pages in the book:

Thank you so much!

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily | 14429 comments I am working on it. We can't use bookseller sites as sources but I'm sure we can find it on another site from this list

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Emily | 14429 comments Can you tell us more about this series? Is it just different stories for each book with Disney characters?

Rebekka Hindbo (goodreadscomrebekka_hindbo) | 19 comments It is a collection of about 15 Christmas themed Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse stories per book and then they publish a new book each year where the 25th book was published this year.

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Emily | 14429 comments Great, thanks!

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