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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana (annellin) | 3 comments Are you ready for this?

message 2: by AnnaNeverLands (new)

AnnaNeverLands | 3 comments Nope, not at all. You?

message 3: by Diana (new)

Diana (annellin) | 3 comments Not at all . I pre-ordered it, but I'm like... I want happy ending jemma deserves it

message 4: by AnnaNeverLands (new)

AnnaNeverLands | 3 comments I KNOW!!! I pre-ordered it too and amazon tells me it i won't receive it until the 10th, so i'm going to be MIA for those 7 days cause of spoilers. I just started my re-read of Lord of Shadows and I swear is Jemma doesn't have a happy ending I'm burning the book. Like, after all they've been through, they deserve to be bloody happy.

message 5: by Midori (new)

Midori (midori_) | 5 comments I agree. I wish a happy ending for Julian and Emma but also for Clary and Jace, they didn't have a happy life too..

message 6: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Tran | 2 comments I'm a huge Jemma shipper but I can't help but feel like their relationship won't end well😭

message 7: by Midori (new)

Midori (midori_) | 5 comments Oh god don't say that, my heart hurts! I won't be able to look at my shadowhunters's book at the same way again😭😭 TID almost killed me, mostly for its romantic but yet in someway sad ending (because I didn't want HIM to die), if there's a bad ending here I'm gonna cry forever

message 8: by Kayla (new)

Kayla (kaylaa_renee) | 6 comments I want everyone to get their happy ending even if it’s not realistic. They deserve it:’(( and if clary, Tessa, and magnus die i don’t know how I’ll go on..... i also think clary and have will find ash and he’ll end up living with them..... and Christina is somehow related to the unseelie king. His first child was stolen so she must be one of the descendants and that’s why her family is so close to faerie objects...... and Cortana will cut the parabati bond but since it absorbed the power of the mortal sword and of some of the black book they won’t need the black book to cut the bond... crackpot theories:)

message 9: by Diana (new)

Diana (annellin) | 3 comments I pre-ordered it for kindle, so i should have it tomorrow. I'm so, so excited...and scared omg. I ship Jemma so bad. Clary and Jace had their turn to shine, now it's Jemma's turn. If it ends bad i'd need to burn my phone, not the book, lol.

message 10: by AnnaNeverLands (new)

AnnaNeverLands | 3 comments Guys! It's the day! I honestly can't wait. But my copy doesn't arrive until the 10th so byeee

message 11: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulapanther) | 9 comments I just finished it !!!!

message 12: by Kayla (new)

Kayla (kaylaa_renee) | 6 comments Page 254... i cant believe it came out the week of finals. I just want to finish reading it

message 13: by Damilola (new)

Damilola A (dlolaa) | 72 comments Omgggggg the book was amazing!

message 14: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin | 49 comments I’ll be reading it after Christmas- it’s on my list

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