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Red Country (First Law World, #6)
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Abercrombie - Various > Red Country [Sep 5, 2019]

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message 1: by Jenna, I'd be free if not for Temper & Edgewalker (new)

Jenna Kathleen (jennakathleen) | 4615 comments Mod
September 5th.

Silvana (silvaubrey) | 1807 comments On sale for $2.99 at Kindle

Shaitarn | 1934 comments I'm starting this one late. Is anyone else reading it or are you all grimdarked out?

Silvana (silvaubrey) | 1807 comments Shaitarn wrote: "I'm starting this one late. Is anyone else reading it or are you all grimdarked out?"

No time to reread this, I'm afraid. I stopped at The Heroes, I hope it's enough to prep me for A Little Hatred BR next month.

Shaitarn | 1934 comments Ha, I thought (view spoiler)

The Yojimbo/Fistful of Dollars vibe is strong in this one. Being Abercrombie, I'm assuming there'll be a twist coming.

message 6: by Choko (new) - added it

Choko (chokog) | 7162 comments I will start this in the weekend...

Shaitarn | 1934 comments Choko wrote: "I will start this in the weekend..."

I've just finished, but will be round if you want to chat about it; so good!

message 8: by Rob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rob (nefariasbredd) | 1933 comments Hopping in a little late and will start today -but since we don't start A Little Hatred till the 5th this is perfect. This was my least favorite of all the Abercrombie books on my first read-through, but I have already revised my original ordering of favorites of the books based on this re-read. There are many who seem to consider this their favorite in other online forums, so I'll give it a second go :)

I think right now I rank them.

1. Last Argument of Kings
2. Before they are Hanged
3. The Heroes
4. Best Served Cold - the first time I read this one it lept to the top 1 or 2 of the list, but on a second read it was still fun, but perhaps overlong and a bit flatter.
5. The Blade Itself - part of me wants to jump this above the Heroes.
6. Red Country - To be determined!

Silvana (silvaubrey) | 1807 comments My list would be
1. Best Served Cold
2. Last Argument of Kings
3. The Heroes
4. The Blade Itself
5. Before They Were Hanged
6. Red Country.
17. Sharp Ends 😅

message 10: by Choko (new) - added it

Choko (chokog) | 7162 comments I am still going to get to this, probably around Wednesday... I am so behind...

message 11: by Rob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rob (nefariasbredd) | 1933 comments Finished this two days ago. Having a hard time not just jumping into A Little Hatred. I liked it a lot more than the first time I read it, but I have a hard time moving it up regardless. I guess I just like everythign he's written except Sharp Objects which was a disappointment. There is one fun short-story in Rogues collection that was a ton of fun though.

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