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message 1: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments Big changes all around the world but everyone seems fine with jumping on the seasonal bandwagon.And why not grab any excuse to celebrate?

message 2: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments for me its been a huge change and i just spent my first quiet night in my new digs. Thanks everyone for your kind encouragement. Lots of work yet to do but hopefully this is it

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary | 204 comments Glad you found a happy place to live.
I celebrated my birthday yesterday. You said any excuse.

message 4: by Petra (new)

Petra | 838 comments Happy Birthday, Mary Anne. I hope your day was very special and that the year ahead brings you lots to smile about.

Congratulations, Magdelanye, on completing your move. There's always a lot of work to do after a move but it's fun seeing the new home come together. I'm so glad you found such a cozy cabin.

I'm celebrating my retirement. As it nears, I'm going through waves of "This is right" and "What have I done?" but underneath all that emotional stuff, I feel it's the right time for this. My final day hasn't been solidly settled yet but it'll be in the last half of January. So soon.

message 5: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (elliearcher) | 1244 comments Happy birthday, Mary Anne. I hope it was great and that this year is a wonderful one.

Congratulations Petra on celebrating your retirement. I understand the waves of feelings (I'm having some of my own) but I believe it will be the next important stage of growth. All my friends who have retired are enjoying it tremendously.

I am excited that two of my poems have been accepted for publication, one in an on-line journal and one in a print copy (Triggerfish). So there's one lifetime goal achieved although of course my next goal is to be accepted in a more major publication. However, I'm very happy to have achieved this.

I hope you're enjoying your new home, Magdelanye. I wish you all the best there.

message 6: by Megan (new)

Megan | 224 comments @Mary-Anne Happy Birthday!!

@Magdelanye I'm glad you got all moved it, I hope you enjoy your new space. :)

@Petra, retirement! It's so close!! Think of all the time you will have to read.

@Ellie, congrats that's so awesome!!

It snowed 30cm here over the last 2 days, so it's perfect reading weather.
I just picked up Split Tooth and Beirut Hellfire Society. I think these will both be challenging but rewarding books to read.

message 7: by Mary (new)

Mary | 204 comments Thanks for all the good wishes.

No snow here just sunnier cooler weather between more winter rain.

Congrats Ellie!!!!

message 8: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments wow! it seems congratulations are in order for all of us. Thanks everybody for being here while i got moved around until ive finally landed here.an
Now to find Ellies poems!
how can we do that Ellie?
i cant wait!
i almost copied Megans post...well said, i endorse. .except for the weather. heavy frost and freezing cold but no snow yet. and of course im jealous that you get to read two of the top books on my tbr. Synchronistically i am listening to TT just now, Auk Blood. I met her back in the day and fondly remember her as a genuine free spirit. And was pleasantly amazed when i saw her again a few years later and she greeted me so warmly.
i suggest listening to her music while reading split tongue.

O Petra, what a rush eh to be so close. i had thought you said late spring. It will be a bit strange at first but you will quickly grow to love it.

Mary Anne i will be in van for a long weekend. Will you be around?

We havent heard from Ice Bearin a while. How goes?

i am starting to take a bit of time for reading again.
Just discovered Miranda July and her amazing short sfories

message 9: by Mary (new)

Mary | 204 comments Which long weekend Magdelanye? Hope it is not this weekend as I am going to Seattle for an early Christmas celebration. It would be lovely to see you.

message 10: by Megan (new)

Megan | 224 comments @Magdelanye I finished reading Split Tooth and it was amazing!
Onto Beirut Hellfire Society, which I'm already in love with 20 pages in. How did these two novels not make the Giller short list?

message 11: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments Sadly yes MaryAnne ive got a lift tomorrow and i come back tues. We will have to make an effort.
Cant wait to read split tooth. Not so nice is that I have one. I finally had a chance to get to my dentist. It is abcessed and i have to have it out.On the up side, i gave my landlord a massage today and was inspired to play TT in the background. It worked well
The occassion is he is leaving tomorrow for Mexico. Also making dinner so will put this away for now

message 12: by Mary (new)

Mary | 204 comments Magdelanye - we could meet on Monday??

message 13: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments Monday is possible...in van now and will call you later 😎

message 14: by Mary (new)

Mary | 204 comments Could you send me a message through flight paths as the phone is not really working. Yeah,!

message 15: by Mary (new)

Mary | 204 comments Magdelanye - would you like to meet downtown? in are of International village? There are 2 nearby used book stores I would like to check out as well as the Japanese dollar store -- Yoyo... There is an interesting restaurant - Caveman Cafe - both meat and vegan serving - that I would also like to try.

message 16: by Ice, Pilgrim (new)

Ice Bear (neilar) | 756 comments Testing my weightlifting skills with the new hardback of Tombland by C.J. Sansom. Once again the marketing (higher price) wins over practicality - a lighter paperback. I also note whilst reviewing my tbr to find a purchasing source (preferably other than amazon - apologies to the owners of this site) I am ending up with Kindle as my only option ...... or as Star Wars would have it ........ my only hope !

message 17: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (elliearcher) | 1244 comments Good to hear from you Ice! Yes, sometimes with those heavy books, I love my Kindle. I have the new Murakami on it--another one of those weightlifting-skills works!

message 18: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments LOL This little group is proving itself to be a great launching pad.
MaryAnne, good call. which are the bookstores you want to check out?

message 19: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments as for time, does sometime in the neighbourhood of 2ish sound right?

message 20: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments Ice, that IS by the one who wrote Annabel, one of my alltime adored?
i wouldnt want to kindle it. Take a few days off work, tell them you sprained your wrist with heavy lifting ☻
Ellie, at my exes, last night we watched a move in which the real star is New York Then we watched some series they follow, totally New
York....i finally saw the Brooklyn bridge in its length, Rockefeller square and back allies.

Megan have you had a chance yet to listen to TT?
And my dear Petra, may you enjoy your last days as a wage slave. I guess you never did meet my biological sister.
But we will really have something to celebrate when we all meet for high tea at the sylvia

message 21: by Mary (new)

Mary | 204 comments Is 2 pmish at International Village inside just outside the Yoyo store sound good? Since it is raining meeting inside a building would be nice. I will be the one reading either a book or an e-reader.

message 22: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments Sounds good to me! But i am not sure if i would approach someone with an e- reader 😶
Luckily, i think i remember what you look like

message 23: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments And the sun is shining 😃

message 24: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (elliearcher) | 1244 comments Magdelanye wrote: "Ice, that IS by the one who wrote Annabel, one of my alltime adored?
i wouldnt want to kindle it. Take a few days off work, tell them you sprained your wrist with heavy lifting ☻
Ellie, at my exes,..."

Despite its many problems New York City can be quite impressive I think and even beautiful. I love the Brooklyn Bridge.

I hope I get to see Vancouver one day. I'm envious of you all--all the pictures I've seen are so beautiful.

message 25: by Petra (new)

Petra | 838 comments Mary Anne & Magdelanye, how was your visit? I hope you managed to meet up.
Magdelanye, are you home again?

Today was my last working day of the year. I'm looking forward to some time with hubby & step-dad (he arrives on Thursday). Tomorrow, I've got to clean house a bit and do the last of the grocery shopping (the veggies & fruit). After that, I'm pulling out a book, making some tea and nestling into the couch for a few hours.

Ellie, I do hope you'll be in Vancouver one day. I'd love a get-together.

message 26: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (elliearcher) | 1244 comments Petra: Have a great break. I have 4 more days to go until mine! Enjoy your time with family and reading. Vancouver is high (next) on my to visit list. Especially now that I finally have a passport.

Magdelanye and Mary Anne, I too hope you got your visit!

I can't believe we're half-way through December!


message 27: by Mary (new)

Mary | 204 comments Magdelanye and I had a short but lovely visit with a sky above that held back rain.
I finished Songs for the Cold of Heart that I really liked after I finished it. While reading it I often wanted to admit defeat, as it is a longish book that twists and turns in different countries, and different times. After finishing it, the characters have stayed in my thoughts even as I read other things.
Today I am making perogies to have for Christmas Eve dinner. They are nice after being frozen and then fried just before eating.

message 28: by Ice, Pilgrim (new)

Ice Bear (neilar) | 756 comments ....................... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the calm before christmas ......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Work is completely different !

message 29: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments Tonight I'm imagining everyone in their homes going about the activities so described and it gives me a warm feeling of connection 🕊
Its quite awesome to actually have met someone from the group and her be just as she seems. We did have a nice visit, if too brief, despite the wretched tea shop we tested. I felt badly when i realized that we could have easily backtracked to one of my favorite Vancouver places just across from the first bookshop. Next time!

Slowly settling in to my new place.
Considering these are the darkest days of the year, it can only get brighter. And the solstice is soon!!

I am disappointed that my GR shelves are so not up to date. But it is highly unlikely that i will find the time to do much more with it before the new year. Instead, ive begun to read again after all the commotion. Finished Rebecca Solnits Encyclopedia of Trouble and Spaciousness. I do love her work and how she highlights the obscure.
Also finished Elif Shafeks brilliant Three Daughters Of Eve. Its a book i think you all will love

message 30: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (elliearcher) | 1244 comments Magdelanye wrote: "Tonight I'm imagining everyone in their homes going about the activities so described and it gives me a warm feeling of connection 🕊
Its quite awesome to actually have met someone from the group an..."

I too like to think of everyone living their lives. And I hope that one day we could all get together! But I'm so glad the two of you were able to meet. How awesome is that!

I love Solnits' work. I haven't yet read Encyclopedia but it's on my list.

I'm looking forward to the holidays and a week off. I love Christmas! So despite many problems at work, I feel very happy.

I'm reading Anne Carson's translation of Antigone. Carson is so brilliant. It's a wonderful translation/adaptation.

Hope everyone is staying warm.

message 31: by Petra (new)

Petra | 838 comments Good morning!

Magdelanye, I have Elif Shafeks other book, Bastard of Istanbul, on my TBR list.....and, I think, somewhere on my bookshelves. Have you read that one? Three Daughers of Eve sounds very good.

I will have a look at Rebecca Solnits books, too. If both Ellie and Magdelanye enjoy them, they must be good.

I'm reading Now in November and enjoying it.

Ellie, I'm glad that you continue to smile. This week will go by and you'll be able to enjoy a delightful week off.

Today, we're doing some grocery shopping, then we're done with shopping.

Step-dad is arriving tomorrow for the holidays. I'm a bit concerned because the weather is supposed to get stormy and that may cancel the ferries (which he needs to take to get here). Fingers crossed that the storms don't happen during travel hours so that people can get to where they need to go.

message 32: by Megan (new)

Megan | 224 comments Good Morning!

It's nice to hear what everyone is up to. I'm buried under paper at work, but I have between Xmas and New Year's off so I'm looking forward to the break!

I *think* all my Xmas shopping is done, finally!!

message 33: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments well that went by quickly!
Hopefully everyone got the time that they wanted and will be able to enjoy some pleasant down time. What are you reading for new years?

I dont suppose that there are any sauerkraut perogies left at Mary Annes place.

Megan i started Washington Black yesterday and I'm already over halfway through because i cant put it down.
Petra i hope your step dad was not unduly inconvenienced by the ferry cancellations.i know the island ferry was cancelled st Powell River.
So i do hope his plans were for the next day.
i want to refer back to your post but the app wont let me. in fact this is a long post i better send it off with warm wishes

message 34: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (elliearcher) | 1244 comments I'm having a wonderful vacation. Christmas was lovely--I even played some Christmas carols on the guitar for the kids. My first "public" appearance. They, of course, were totally supportive (which is why I chose them for my audience). I also went with Katie to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall as well as the big tree. And the new Mary Poppins which I loved.

My big plans for the New Year is Haruki Murakami's latest, Killing Commendatore and The Witch Elm by Tana French (author of my much loved Dublin Murder Squad series). I'm also going to give another go at Dostoevsky's Demons. And I'm got Dara Horn as a first up.

Once the summer comes, I'll have so much reading time--since I won't be going back to work! I'm hoping to use that time well, writing and reading.

What's everyone else planning?

message 35: by Petra (last edited Dec 27, 2018 08:46PM) (new)

Petra | 838 comments Happy Holidays!

My step-dad left today. I'm always sad to see him go. He lives alone and I wonder if he's sometimes lonely. We live too far away to be much comfort.
We had a nice time while he was here. We went on 2 long walks and took in a movie (Mary, Queen of Scots), had great meals and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Magdelanye, my step-dad was caught up in the ferry cancellations caused by the wind storms. He came a day later. The ferries were very crowded but he arrived safely early the next morning.

Ellie, congratulations on your first concert. The Rockettes must have been a lot of fun. One can't go wrong with Mary Poppins. Sounds like you're having a fun Holiday.

I finished Now in November and would recommend it for any Willa Cather fan. It has that same bleak, harsh lifestyle, Nebraska wind feel to it.

I'm now reading Out by Natsuo Kirino, which I'm really liking. It got a bit gruesome on page 78 but the story is very interesting and the characters are well written. I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

As for New Year's Eve, I don't really like being out on that night and will be staying home. Guess I'm a New Year Eve's Scrooge. However, I'll enjoy a glass of bubbly, have the fire on and be snuggled in with a book and hubby.

message 36: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (elliearcher) | 1244 comments Petra, I'm a big Willa Cather fan and I've somehow missed this one. Must remedy!

I'm actually going to a New Year's Eve pajama party at friends of my children. It's way out in Brooklyn--a two hour subway trip and an expensive Uber home but we've been going for the past few years and it's always fun. But I've also always enjoyed staying home and missing the crowds.

I'm making progress with Jayber Crow, a Christmas present from my Secret Santa at work--such a perfect gift. It's exquisitely written. Berry is a poet and you can tell from this beautiful writing. An amazingly perfect gift--the best I've ever gotten from Secret Santas. It's hard to buy me a book not on my Amazon list but this was next on my TBR! I've also startedHiking with Nietzsche: On Becoming Who You Are from my brother-in-law--on my list. I'm very interested in this one, although I'm ambivalent about Nietzsche. I want to see how the writer used him as a guide for living.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope the coming year brings us good health, success (however we define that) and good reading!

message 37: by Megan (new)

Megan | 224 comments Happy new year everyone!!

Looking forward to all our great reads in 2019! 💕

message 38: by Mary (new)

Mary | 204 comments Happy New Year to everyone!

May every book we read turn out to be just the right book to read.

message 39: by Petra (last edited Dec 31, 2018 06:19PM) (new)

Petra | 838 comments Happy New Year!
May the New Year keep us a close and happy group. I really appreciate everyone's company and interesting conversation throughout the year. Looking forward to much more of the same in 2019.

Happy New Year! Enjoy a glass of bubbly. Stay safe.

message 40: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2335 comments and a super New Years to my favorite group, old and new fliers and lurkers as well! I love you all and look forward to our further reading adventures.
This group provided me with some stability and lots of encouragement when i most needed it over the last year. Much appreciation ❤

And what lovely wishes for the new year. I would also be interested to participate if we could organize another virtual group event of some sort, even tho we are in different time zones. And of course tea at the sylvia for those of us who are in range will now celebrate MaryAnnes move to Vancouver and Petras retirement. ☘

I fell asleep at about 9pm and slept right through the midnight festivities till now! Its so quite i can hear the world breathing.

peace and cheer

message 41: by Petra (new)

Petra | 838 comments Good morning, Magdelanye! A Happy New Year to you.
I love waking up so early that one can hear the world breathing. What a lovely way to put it. The world is so serene and peaceful at such a time.

message 42: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (elliearcher) | 1244 comments Happy New Year everyone!

I wanted to get up early but we got home at 3:00--a small and lovely get together (with fireworks conveniently seen from a balcony). Late for me (!!) but so much fun.

This group is also my favorite (and the only one I really consistently check in on!) and has helped me get through this year and enjoy what's been so good.

I hope this coming year is happy, healthy, and rewarding to us all.

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