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message 1: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Djima | 6 comments Hi All,

I would like people to review my book called The “M” Word: A Collection of Stories about Miscarriage and Hope. It’s a collection of stories written by Christian women who have experienced the loss of a baby in the womb. It’s not just a book about miscarriage; it’s a book about hope— true hope and the Hope.

Contact me via email:

message 2: by Honest (new)

Honest M Handson | 10 comments Hey Pamela, I would love to read it and give the best your book deserve, You can send me the copy of your book in PDF format using my email address below.

I have published also a Christian book called "BEHOND HUMAN BRAIN" I think you would love to read "this".

The book “BEYOND HUMAN BRAIN‘ exposes the inner and outer man’s existence, it has opened the world of the spiritual body (spirit) and the world of the physical body (heart) the cover of the inner man. Just like the living word (Jesus Christ) life is a mystery which requires the deeper understanding to make this blind land (physical world) and the occupancy to be in sighted and lead them to where they belong.

We have come to set up things in the right way and open the spiritual and physical eyes of those who are blind, spiritual things came into the farmland (physical world). when we where blind now the time has come for Church to open it's spiritual eyes and return His (Christ) position.

if you are interested I can send a free copy in return for an honest review below is my email address:

I will highly appreciate your feedback.


Honest H. Mulela.

message 3: by Vickie (new)

Vickie Valladares | 6 comments I would love to read your book! pls messa6me info

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