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This Hurts Because I love writing.
R.D. Murray R.D. Dec 01, 2018 09:29PM
Hello all! I wrote the book My Dead Blue Caterpillar and was chosen for book of the month- I was kicked off the Psychological thriller group. I am so very sorry to have bothered anyone, but to be quite honest, I didn't read the rules. You have to excuse my euphoria! I was so excited being a first time author, a Black man who has faced countless abuse as a child, teenager and man, and from that abuse, I turned to writing which saved my life. I became proud of my self and my accomplishments. All I could think about was getting my story to the world. Helping other kids who struggled with being abused. People who looked different, and people of color who face unimaginable odds. I don't really care about sales or promoting for financial gain. I care about saving people who might have been in my situation and those that still are. I want to show people I can make it out of suicide and struggle, and that they can too. I wanted to also show that a black man can do anything he wanted if he put his mind to it. Those were my thoughts. To be quite honest, I was so excited, I didn't even look at the rules. I was excited to make connections because I was focused on my story helping others, something which literally saved my life. When I first opened the message, I actually thought I was getting pranked. In the end, I had no idea I was in violation of any rules. I hope this can be resolved with a little kindness and communication. Looking forward to your response. R.D. Murray

R.D., you write and act as if you should be ashamed of your actions. In my opinion, you should not be...If we cannot interact with individuals who are new to a group, or contact them in private, we should do our best to be courteous and helpful. You did not receive this treatment! Please do not feel you were in the wrong, so badly, that you needed to be blackballed! I dropped the group for this and am quite sure that I have no desire to interact with a group that allows this to happen. My apologies to you, not all people act like this. I enjoyed your book and would have liked to discuss it...but not if the author could not participate!

Thank you Glenda you are one hundred percent right and I am seeing that more and more. It sad that we live in a world we’re support is hard to come by. But trying to tear someone down is all the time. Thank you again Glenda for all your support. I appreciate everything.

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