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Help me find the title of this book!!!!!!

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Lizzy Hello!! Sorry to be misleading but it wouldn't let me post anything without a title Anna that's what i need help with!! I need help finding the title of this book! It's about a woman who is either a witch or a sorceress who goes back to her family home for her younger sisters wedding. I can't remember why but she thinks something is wrong so she causes the flowers to wilt or something and spells rats to fill the church so the wedding is delayed. Her and her sisters fiance end up falling in love. Her sister runs away with the man she was in love with the whole time but when they go to consummate the marriage a curse put on her by her older sisters teacher (who by the way was burned at the stake cause he was using magic to make the younger sister do the nasty with him When she was only 7 or 8) cause he wanted her to be only his. The older sister arrives in time to break the curse and they all live happily ever after lol. I remember three entire story (as you can see) but i can't remember the name or author!!!! Please help!!!

Kiersten You might have better luck in the What's the Name of that Book forum:

I hope you find it!

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Lizzy Thank you!!!

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