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Anne ✨ Finds Joy (annefindsjoy) | 718 comments At the core of PenPal Readers are members like to READ, WRITE, SHARE, and CONNECT with each other!


Annual Theme #1: FRIENDSHIP, PALS
We will run group read and/or activities on this theme in March & October

(letters, emails, diaries, journals, poems, documents, podcasts, etc)
We will run group read and/or activities on this theme in April & November


We will have a monthly group read and other activities based on the theme list below.

January 2019 - Game Time
(video games, war games, mind games, contests, competition)
Book ideas:

February 2019 - Yellow sunflowers, Red Roses
(Colors, Flowers, Poetry - traditional, haikus, limericks, avant-garde, beat, childrens)
Book ideas:

March 2019 - Achilles Heel
(mythology, modern retellings)
Book ideas:

April 2019 - Nom de Plume - AKA Pen Name
(authors who use Pen Names, or Pseudonyms, aliases)
Author ideas:

May 2019 - Natural world - Science and Nature
(books with themes of science or nature, NOT science fiction)
Book ideas:

June 2019 - A picture tells a thousand words
(manga, anime, graphic novels, or any book where art/illustration is central to the theme)
Book ideas:

July - December are not yet decided. TBC

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Anne ✨ Finds Joy (annefindsjoy) | 718 comments Announcing the Themes for July - December

JULY 2019 – 1001 Books Before you Die
- books from the list '1001 Books to read before you die'
Book ideas:

AUGUST 2019 - Armchair Traveler
– books with travel theme (not time travel), set in multiple countries, can be fiction or non-fiction
Book ideas:

SEPTEMBER 2019 - From Russia with Love
- Russian Literature , past or present
Book ideas:

OCTOBER 2019 - Gothic
- Gothic: combines elements of both horror and romanticism
Book ideas:

NOVEMBER 2019 - Kick*ss Female Herione
- strong female protagonist
Book ideas:

DECEMBER 2019 – Quick Reads
– any book under 200 pages
Book ideas:

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Jazzy Lemon (jazzylemon) | 494 comments When will we have the strong male protagonist book?

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