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[ name ] bridianne monroe
[ age ] seventeen
[ appearance ] https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6Q6igHUs...
[ powers ] speedster
[ a little info ] bridianne is a transfer student to midtown school for science and technology. finding herself placed in a few classes with peter parker, she takes a liking to the boy.

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:) (timessqaure1215) [ name ] peter parker
[ age ] seventeen
[ appearance ] https://goo.gl/images/qXLcKo
[ powers ] web slinging, enhanced endurance, super strength, climbing abilities, & spider senses
[ extra info ] peter notices the new transfer, brid, in his classes and starts developing a crush he doesn’t want to admit. he feels like there’s just something different about her. every day he falls more and more for her brains and her beauty, knowing having a girlfriend (or even playing around with the idea) and being spider-man would be a huge risk- one he doesn’t know he’d be able to take

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ooh her name could be velocity that’s cool

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:) (timessqaure1215) yes!

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coolio! would you like to start or shall i?

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:) (timessqaure1215) can you?

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of course

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Bridianne walked through the front doors of Midtown High, clutching the straps of her backpack. She made her way into the office, speaking with the secretary and getting her schedule and locker combination. She chewed on her lip and headed to her locker, opening it up and organizing everything. Once she was all settled, she grabbed her binder and chemistry book before she shut the locker and looked down at her schedule, trying to figure out where her class was. She hated being the new girl, but it was an avoidable. Mom has said New York would be safer for her. Something to do with Tony Stark.

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:) (timessqaure1215) Peter was standing at his locker while Ned rambled on about the new LEGO set they were gonna build this weekend. Peter shut his locker and turned to face Ned. When he did he saw a girl come out of the office. She was beautiful... and before he knew it, he was following her to her class

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Bridianne walked through the hall, finally finding her chemistry class. She entered the room and went up to her teacher, explaining that she was new and that she would need a seat and a lab partner. She was glad that the class wasn’t entirely there yet, as she didn’t really want all of the attention on her. She watched as the teacher scanned the class list. “Looks like everyone has a partner. You can be in a group of three with Parker and Leeds.” She told her gently and showed her where the two boys were. “Okay, thank you.” Bridianne nodded her head and headed towards the back of the room, sitting down next to Peter. “Hey, uh, I’m Bridianne. I guess I’m paired up with you two.”

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:) (timessqaure1215) Peter sat down next to Ned after entering the classroom. He watched the new girl’s ever move. Everything she did was graceful. He knew he looked like a dork but he couldn’t help himself. It was like he was under her spell. “-with you two.”
He froze. “Huh?” he questioned

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“I’m your lab partner. I was placed with you and Ned.” Bridianne explained softly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. He was shy and nerdy, yet he was super cute. She opened up her book and glanced at the board before she looked back at Peter, chewing on her lip slightly.

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:) (timessqaure1215) “Ye-yeah yeah umm. You can just umm sit here. Ned move” Peter stuttered as he pushed Ned’s stuff to the other side of the table. He grinned widely noticing how cute she bit her lip. “I’m Peter. Peter ummm Peter..” “Parker” He heard Ned say “Yeah Parker” Peter said putting his head down in shame.

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Bridianne smiled. “I’m Bridianne. Bridianne Monroe. And then you must be Ned.” She said politely, feeling bad as Peter kicked Ned from his seat. She smiled softly at how cute Peter was. “Do you guys like it here? I just moved her from Minnesota. I live with my mom. Sorry, I kinda talk a lot.” She apologized quietly. She had always been known to be a complete ball of sunshine and smiled.

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:) (timessqaure1215) Bridianne. Bridianne from Minnesota. Peter listened as she talked to Ned. She talked a lot but Peter could spend his life listening to her voice. “No you talk just fine. I mean you talk a lot but it’s nice. I mean not a lot you talk at a good rate. Normal. Its fine. It’s great! Yeah.” Peter said rambling. Put a hand on his forehead “Why’d you move?” Peter asked trying to distract her from what he just said

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Bridianne smiled softly at him. “My mom said it would be better for us here. She’s making me apply for some internship with Stark industries.” She explained softly, a faint blush appearing on her cheeks. She played with her hair as a bad habit, looking into Peter’s eyes.

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:) (timessqaure1215) “Stark?” Peter’s voice cracked. “Tony Stark?” Peter wasn’t sure if he should keep this conversation going. He didn’t want to accidentally say anything knowing he was a terrible liar. “That’s cool” Pater said trying to end the conversation but he would definitely as Mr.Stark about it

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:) (timessqaure1215) “Well umm maybe me and Ned can tell you about all the hidden food spots” Peter grinned, running a hand through his tangled, brown locks.

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“Yeah, I’m not really sure why she wants me to work with him though. She knows I want to go into medicine. I’m just going to do it to make her happy, though.” Bridianne lied easily. She knew exactly why she was going to Mr. Stark. It was to help her with her powers. She brushed back her hair and checked the time. “That would be great, actually.” She laughed.

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:) (timessqaure1215) Peter mimicked her and checked his watch. Class was about to start and our teacher would close the door any second and begin teaching. “Medicine, that’s great! You should sit with us at lunch. We can finish talking” Peter said, Ignoring the face Ned was sporting. Peter wanted to get to know Bridianne, thinking he might actually have a crush on her. Peter’s first real crush

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Bridianne smiled warmly. “That would be perfect.” She told Peter, her eyes shining as she smiled. She then turned to face the front of the room as class began. As she sat in class, flipping through the textbook and working on things, she couldn’t help but feel the itch to run. Now she understood why mom made her come here for Tony Stark. She couldn’t control her powers because she was just a kid.

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:) (timessqaure1215) Peter grinned widely as the new girl in his class agreed to have lunch with him and Ned. During class he tried not to stare as he watched Bridianne do her work. He found her so interesting. What was most interesting was the fact she was working with Mr.Stark also and she came all the way from Minnesota to do so. She must be important, so why didn’t Mr.Stark tell him?

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Once class was over, Bridianne packed up her things and stood up. “I’ll see you guys at lunch.” She said sweetly. “It was nice meeting you.” She smiled and walked out of the classroom, heading back to her locker. She stood with her head buried in the locker as she texted her mom. mom, it’s happening again. i can feel the electricity building up. i need to run. She shoved her phone into her pocket as she grabbed her stuff for the rest of her classes before lunch, leaving for class.

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