Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace Teaching from Rest discussion

Let's Get Started --What IS Teaching From Rest? (And what is it NOT?)

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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna Duran Thought it would be good to start off with a brief recap of what it is/is not!

Schole does NOT mean
-"to teach your calm children in a calm manner on a calm afternoon..." (pp xii)! I think we all get that!
-rest is not easy or EASY
-is "not the absence of work of the abdication of our responsibility to form and shape our students"

What DOES it mean?
-Contemplate: "Don't just DO something, sit here!" (p xv) -- we are actively called to not just work, but follow the contemplative way. What does this mean?
-requires dropping comparisons with others
-will take diligence, attention and a lot of hard work! And sometimes doing everything right doesn't yield the results you think in the short term, but requires much perseverance and a "long view" (St. Monica)
-it is work and leisure, properly ordered (pp 8) somewhere in the middle between negligence and anxiety
-requires prayer and forgiveness!
-"Teaching from rest means ... that we are doing one thing and that we are doing it with all our heart!"(pp 51)

The aim of education is to order a child's affections--to teach him to love what he ought and hate what he ought! (pp xvii) BUT we must remember that while we are called to "show up with our basket" (miracle of the loaves and fishes) we are NOT called to "finish the job" (pp 2) --remembering this will help us order our "end goals." Cathedrals! The builders spent their lives making something beautiful and often hidden but did not often see the results.

-"Rigorous education" (not it!) vs. "restful dialogue"--doing the right thing, an the right time, and in the right way (pp 5)

Discussion question: Did the idea of schole or teaching from rest surprised you? What ideas resonated with you the most ?

message 2: by Anna (new)

Anna Duran One thing what really resonated with me was the reminder that God puts in front of us what we need ... We must remember also that the distractions (the little people!) are often what we NEED to tend to, not "distractions"-it is important to ask now and then, "what is real life'? (pp 2). So there are different seasons and different needs etc.

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