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Book for December 2018-Nine Perfect Strangers
Petaluma Library Petaluma Dec 01, 2018 02:34PM
What did you think of "Nine Perfect Strangers" by Liane Moriarty?

I really struggled with this book. The characters were interesting, the storyline was pretty good but the execution left something to be desired. I got bored with the endless "soul searching" of the characters. The "pre-ending" was good, but the very ending where she ties up loose ends seemed sappy. I was honestly disappointed as I had read Big Little Lies and loved it.

I love Liane Moriarty.... Big Little Lies was amazing and I also love the Hypnotists Love story - fantastic, she’s a great writer... so I have high expectations. My main two problems were that 1) i didn’t much like many of the characters 2) the two tragedies were too much. I don’t want to give it away, but the family with the son was one thing but for the thing with Masha!!! Oh just too much. That was too sad!
It was still a page turner and Liane is still so good at developing different characters at such a deep level..

I was a bit let down by Nine Perfect Strangers. More accurate: if I had read this book and new nothing about Liane Moriarty, I would have been thoroughly entertained and probably impressed. However, I was so impressed by Moriarty's character development and plot twists in The Husband's Secret and What Alice Forgot, that I was a little let down by the ensemble cast style of the book, the more artificial relationships, and the corny plot twists. Nevertheless, I finished the book in about a day in a half, not being able to put it down, and applaud Moriarity in venturing out into a satire/thriller genre with a successful first try.

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