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Ania Epul (aniaepul) | 2 comments I'm in search of beta readers for the completed manuscript of my poetry book, entitled WITHIN THESE WALLS, on mental health. The book loosely follows the experience of an adolescent who suffers from various mental health issues, which land her in a number of psychiatric facilities. The poems express her growth as she matures, as well as provide insight and critique to the experience of living on a psych unit. An exploration of the self, this poetry book will hopefully be followed by two sequels: THE HEARTBEATS OF HUMANITY, an analysis of the world, and UNTIL THE UNIVERSE DIES, a perspective on the universe.

If you are interested in beta-reading this 4500-word poetry book, feel free to message me directly, respond via comments, or email me at


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R.M. Tafari | 62 comments Are you interested in doing a swap?

message 3: by Ania (new)

Ania Epul (aniaepul) | 2 comments R.M. wrote: "Are you interested in doing a swap?"

That would be great! Can you send me a blurb about your manuscript? Also, how should I contact you--do you have a Gmail address?

Author Dawnette Brenner (author_dawnette_brenner) | 13 comments I have a podcast on “humanizing” mental illness; would love to talk. IG @anewdawnaa
DM if interested.

Dawnette Brenner

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