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Dead Simple (Roy Grace, #1)
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Hello fellow Crime, Mystery, and Thriller readers! This discussion is about Dead Simple (Roy Grace #1) by Peter James, your hostess is Skye.

Information about Spoilers

Please note if you have not finished reading the book spoilers are permitted in this discussion from the start.
Dead Simple (Roy Grace, #1) by Peter James Dead Simple by Peter James Dead Simple (Roy Grace, #1) by Peter James Dead Simple (Roy Grace, #1) by Peter James Dead Simple (Roy Grace, #1) by Peter James Dead Simple (Roy Grace, #1) by Peter James Dead Simple (Roy Grace, #1) by Peter James Dead Simple (Roy Grace, #1) by Peter James


Michael Harrison had it all: good looks, charm, natural leadership, a wicked sense of humor, and now, Ashley, his fiancée. While out celebrating with a group of friends a few nights before the wedding, Michael suddenly and unexpectedly finds himself enclosed in a coffin equipped only with a flashlight, a dirty magazine, a walkie-talkie, and a tiny breathing tube. It's all in good fun — payback for the grief his mates suffered due to his own penchant for tomfoolery — that is until the four are killed in a drunk driving accident just moments after leaving Michael completely alone and buried alive.

Detective Superintendent Grace—himself dealing with the pain of losing his wife—is brought on to the case when Ashley reports Michael missing. Suspicions are raised when Michael's only friend not at the bachelor party refuses to cooperate, and Ashley's faithfulness—not to mention her increasingly mysterious past—are suddenly thrown in to question. As Superintendent Grace soon discovers, one man's disaster is another man's fortune.

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Skye | 200 comments This is definitely a psychological book that has the ability to grab you and make you uncomfortable.

Donna Schmidt | 141 comments I loved the twists! Just when you think you have it another twist. Twisted characters makes for a great read! The last half we t so fast as I could not put it down.

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Skye | 200 comments James is very clever in his syntax as well as his motives,

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Jenny (diggensjenny) I read other books in this series, and I enjoyed going back and reading book one. It gave me more insight into Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. I love the way, Peter James portrays his characters and entwines them with each other.

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Skye | 200 comments Jenny, I love your comment; James manages to create extraordinary characters who are cleverly 'entwined.'

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This is the best book of the series (imho)

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Skye | 200 comments Well, it's wonderful! It is my first go-round with Peter James; it was recommended to me by another Good Reader, and I bought the book a year ago.

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Peter James' Roy Grace series just keeps getting better with each book. They are addictive!

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