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message 1: by Adela (new)

Adela Ada (add_ella) | 5 comments

this book is actually the romanian version of this book

and actualy on the "other editions" the romanian version also apperas twice one withouth the isbn wich is 9786065798502 as you can see here on the publisher's page and it has 185 pages.

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 24719 comments Separated the Romanian editions, added details to one of the editions & referring them all to the supers for merging. Then they will be recombined with the other editions.

message 3: by Adela (new)

Adela Ada (add_ella) | 5 comments First of all thank you very much for the change you have done, however could you please add the romanian edition to the original version (
) now it seems like it as a separate book but is just the translation. Thank you again for your help and I am sorry if I didn't explain it right in the first comment

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily | 14424 comments We had to separate them in order for the duplicate one to be deleted. Then it will get combined back with the original :-)

message 5: by Adela (new)

Adela Ada (add_ella) | 5 comments oh, I see. great then, thanks a lot :)

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