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Kelly I went to see Jodi Picoult at a book signing last night. She discussed that this book is being made into a movie. However, she informed us that they are changing the ending!! She was very upset about this and confronted the producetion company at which point she was told "readers don't matter!". She is asking for the help of her fans. Please email these two people and tell them you want the ending to remain the same!
Mark Johnson:
Toby Emmerich:

Ashley Wow, this is heartbreaking to hear. I did send an email to both Mark and Toby expressing my feelings towards this and asking them to reconsider.

Kelly Thank you Ashley! Pass the info on to any of your friends who are fans of the book!

Tana Harrison I'm reading it now and I will pass this along too. I hate when they do that.

Kirstin This was the first Jodi Picoult book I read. I absolutely loved it. Changing the ending would change the emotional impact that the book gives the reader. I will definately email these guys and pass the message along to my friend who turned me towards Picoult.

message 6: by Jenn (new) - rated it 1 star

Jenn I think they should make Kate die because then it wouldn't be so damn predictable.

message 7: by Ashley (last edited Mar 17, 2008 11:30AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ashley There is no way on earth I wanted Kate to die... but to be rather honest Anna was he last person I wanted to die. I dont know if Jodi Picoult could have done this but in my opinion, I think the ending shouldnt have been so sad, it shouldnt have included ny deaths.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Ooh. Tough one, considering how angry the original ending made me.
I'd want it to be changed. I think that Kate should go into remission or die and that Anna should live on. It's such a cop-out that Anna dies and her sister gets the kidney anyway.
That being said, I don't think that the original ending should be tampered with. As much as I hated the original ending, Hollywood should keep it.

Pinkbullets I don't know, some part of me saw it coming. Now, they have finally found out about "My Sister's Keeper" which I loved. Wonderful book!

It is bad enough that they have to make this one into a movie, too, but changing the ending?!? They can't do that?!

It is the ending that stands out and IMO makes this whole story so very special.

I am definitely spreading the word.
Thanks for the post, Kelly.
Let's do our best we can to stop those crazy filmmakers from changing the ending of this beautiful book!

Ashley Considering we arent the writers and Jodi Picoult is, we should keep the ending she made for the movie. It's only fair... we wouldnt be having this movie if it werent for her anyways.

Marci I agree they probably shouldn't change the ending because it's Piccoult's vision. But honestly, I can understand why. I felt really annoyed by the ending and agree with the one post that says it was a cop out. As an author, you have the trust of your readers. I felt Piccoult's ending was all about shock value and screwing with that trust. Sitting through a movie with that much DEATH, I don't know--movies are a different kind of beast. It might be a good opportunity to stay away from the contrived type of ending and actually say something about stem cells, etc., maybe broadening a bit to making it a little more intelligent--not that I have any faith that Hollywood would do so. But can you imagine paying $8 to see that movie--and walking out of there like death. . . I don't see that as getting my money's worth.

message 12: by Ivy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ivy I just sent them an email. wow. how can they change the ending?? it's a MAJOR part (as sad as it may be...oh...i loved Anna!)!! hopefully they'll change their minds. i'll pass this around!

Kathe Oh my, I just loved this book as I do all of Picoult's work. I DO NOT think the ending should be changed. As hard as it seems to be to deal with, it is the way she wrote it, the way she meant it to be and she is the author. They have no business changing the end of her book. I have e-mailed these two people and let them know.

Louise I hope they change the ending. The one in the book is terrible. It's like some pasted on 'I have to finish this book quickly' ending. Horrible. Just like a bad TV movie ending.

Ashley It may be horrible in the book... which I agree because it is really trajic and a great escape to end the book... but on the other hand we have the same respect for the book of My Sister's Keeper... and Jodi Picoult made the ending the way she did, not to find a quick ending, but to send a message to the readers... check out her website

Jodi wrote the reason for the ending... "because this isn't an easy book, and you know from the first page, that there are no easy answers. Medically, this ending was a realistic scenario for the family -- and thematically, it was the only way to hammer home to all the characters what's truly important in life. Do I wish it could have had a happy ending? You bet -- I even gave a 23rd hour call to a oncology nurse to ask if there was some other way to end the book -- but finally, I came to see that if I wanted to be true to the story, this was the right conclusion."

Louise Apparently you misunderstood what I meant by terrible. I meant terrible as in the author slapped on a Hollywood B-movie ending in a rush to finish this book. Made it a completely stupid and pointless book by doing that. She ruined it herself. Since it's being made into a movie, I hope someone else has the sense to give it a better ending. I certainly did not mean it was terrible in that it was so tragic. Tragic in that it was such a cop-out ending. And, no I don't respect the author for it. I think her responses at the end of the book are nonsensical.

Marci Agreed. Hollywood B movie. What arsonist goes on to become a cop? How does that just turn around? Contrived. A complexly woven tale with a simplistic "cop-out" (as stated) ending.

Sara Diane When I heard Jodi in April she mentioned that all the emails to the producers/director had gotten her in trouble- so please don't send any more!

Little Karly,
I think that's the point Louise and Marci are trying to make: Everything doesn't have to be wrapped up with a nice big red bow. Killing the doner kid so the sick kid gets the organ anyway and then goes on to live a long healthy life, that's a "big red bow" more than anything. Yeah, it's sad. But it's also hollow. It takes the message of the book ("these are hard questions with lots of unforseen complications") and turns it into something easy to swallow. There are no unforseen complications to the decision Anna made, there are no consequences at all. It's an ending with no loose strings, which isn't realistic and is also a bit annoying considering the overall message of the text.

Carly This is the first - and only, so far - Picoult book I have read. I was very disappointed with the ending, and not because it was a surprise. I think it was a very "Hollywood" ending, a twist that didn't ring true but resolved everything.

I'm actually curious to see how the film company changes the ending. If they could make it more visceral, I'd be happy.

message 21: by Jenne (new) - rated it 1 star

Jenne I greatly dislike the ending of this book, I felt like it was a huge cop out on her part as an author to not make the decision and ending it the easy way. I know others feel this isn't the case, I disliked the book overall for many different reasons but the ending was the icing on the cake for me; it is hands down the worse ending I have ever read.

message 22: by Judy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Judy Wiens I agree to some extent that the ending seemed a bit rushed, however the big impact for me was that after all is said and done the altimate decision is out of everyone's hands. We never know when life will end or how. It's in God's hands.

Ashley Louse:

I didnt misunderstand you, I know that ending was terrible as in sad, not to be changed. Picoult had her reasonings for what she did and it wasnt because she needed an ending fast. An about the movie, there wouldnt be a movie if Picoult hadnt written a book first. Furthermore, repectively, the movie should follow the exact same story line as the book.

Ashley Sara Diane:

Gotten her in trouble? How is that even possible? So I take it that no matter what, the ending is going to be changed? Is that correct?

Sara Diane As in she was banned from the movie set in trouble. I haven't heard an update, but movie producers and screen writers will do what they think. That's the troulbe with allowing someone lese to have power over your story.

message 26: by Erin (last edited Jul 27, 2008 11:16AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Erin The ending of the book was a big twist and considering how much Hollywood seems to like surprise plot twists - I'm surprised that they're changing it.

However, like many others I didn't like the book's ending. I felt like it was contrived.

Plus, Americans don't like sad endings on their movies - leave that to the French. I think they're making the right decision and I'll definitely go see the movie now. If you really liked the book's ending buy the DVD, I'm sure they'll make the alternate ending and put it on the DVD!

message 27: by Erin (new) - rated it 3 stars

Erin Totally agree with you Carly!

Robyn I'm thinking the movie is going to be a bust to fans of the book. I just looked at the cast list on IMDB:

I SO can't picture Cameron Diaz play a mom. And the kids they cast all look young. It was a few years ago i read the book but I didn't think the kids were that young. I thought the son was at least in high school. The actor looks like he's barely in jr. high.

Sara Diane They cast younger kids to match up with Cameron's age--

I think sad endings are fine. And Picoult says she knew how this story would end before she started it, so it wasn't an easy way out or something contrived--some stories just won't accept any other ending. I'll watch the movie, but I'm sure it will be lacking--much like the 10th Circle movie was lacking.

Melissa Barry I think that it would be horrific if they changed the ending of this story. I loved the way it ended and think it should be kept as written. I will also be sending an email to the 2 guys stating that it should be left alone.

If they want it to be watched by the readers and actually make money then they need to do the book justice and leave the ending as is.

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