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George (georgejazz) | 480 comments Mod
Please comment here on The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje, chapters 1 to 5.

message 2: by George (last edited Dec 01, 2018 03:30PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

George (georgejazz) | 480 comments Mod
I read this novel many years ago and recall that the first half of the novel didn't have much plot momentum, however the second half was a more engaging read. This is my third Ondaatje novel and I have found he consistently writes very well. I am looking forward to rereading The English Patient and expect it will be a slow, mesmerising read.

George (georgejazz) | 480 comments Mod
I am half way through. It's a graceful, slow read. During the first half of the book I have found I have only been able to read about 30 pages a day. Ondaatje writes beautifully and provides a lot of interesting information about Italy and Egypt during the 1930s and 1940s. The English patient, Kip, Caravaggio and Hana are all intriguing characters. Hana is a lost soul. Caravaggio, the thief, is questionable in all he does and says. Kip is doing such a dangerous job in dismantling bombs. The English patient's identity is unknown. Looking forward to finding out more! (I read this book 18 years ago and having a rough idea of the plot is not detracting from this enjoyable reading experience).

message 4: by Tim (new) - rated it 2 stars

Tim | 1 comments Started about a week ago, about halfway through. This book is very strange to me, and I tell myself I am not enjoying it, but then I will finish a chapter with the intention of going to bed but end up starting the next chapter and getting sucked in.

Very different from my usual reads so far.

George (georgejazz) | 480 comments Mod
I found the plot more engaging in the second half of the novel and read the second half fairly quickly. I have read three of the author’s other novels and found the books rewarding for the thoughtful sentences and interesting characters.

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