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A Long, Long Sleep
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young adult, science fiction, future, sleeping beauty retell(I think), frozen by parents repeatedly, The last time for YEARS (a hundred I believe). [s]

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Kaylee (clemchime) | 2 comments I read this story in high-school, so anywhere around 2010-2014 it was newer around the time. I believe the cover art had roses/thorns and I think one of the reviews compared it to a modern day sleeping beauty retelling.

The story centers around a girl whose parents are rich. They own some kind of big name company. They repeatedly “freeze” her when she’s inconvenient such as when they have a trip, reward ceremony, meeting ect. Through out her life the freeze time gets longer and longer. Days, weeks, then years. They live in an apartment building I believe. A neighbor has a baby which she gets to watch grow up. She’s frozen so often that this baby is soon the same age/older then her. They fall in love.

The girl is really good at art. She joins an art contest behind her parents backs and ends up winning. She wants to go to the award art show and gets in a big fight with her parents, mainly her mother. She doesn’t want her to go because she, the mother, and the father have planned to freeze the girl around the same time so they can go on a trip. The girl for the first time fights being frozen and doesn’t want it to happen. The mother gets her to do it by telling her that if they get back in time she can go the the art show.

The next time the girl awakens everything is different. A boy awakens her with a kiss (I think). She finds that she’s in a basement and gets rushed to a hospital. It’s years later (a hindered I believe). Everyone she knows is dead. No one knew she was in the basement. She ends up going to school and falling in love with the boy that had found her. The climax is that she finds out the man who has taken over her parents company (which is kind of the rule of this new world) is the boy she first fell in love with, and the boy she’s now in love with grandfather. The reason why her parents never returned is there was a bomb/war.

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Kaylee (clemchime) | 2 comments Yes! Hallelujah! I was gong insane.

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5094 comments I’m glad I could help.

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