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N | 1 comments Some background on where/when I read the book:

I read this book sometime around/between 2006 May-2009 August in a British Council/British Library (the name of the library sounded something like that) in Asia (don't live anywhere near there anymore). The book could have been published before then (but definitely it existed before the year 2010). I was very young, so the details are fuzzy.

Here goes:

It was a young adult/chick lit-esque book (think meg cabot style) about two teenage girls who are close/best friends. Setting was probably normal 1990s/2000s American family. They are both crushing on one of their neighbors, who is friendly (I think slightly older than them, in high school maybe). The entire book they are up to a bunch of antics to get closer to him. The have varying results with their antics (I don't remember what the antics were). Whether the two friends actually hard core get into a fight over him, I don't remember (but by the end they were still the best of friends).

Spoilers ahead (but it might help narrow the book down):

One of the girls has an older sister who is very grouchy (grouchy older sister was in high school I believe) and always about her astronomy/star watching. At the end of the book, the two teenage girls give up on their antics to try and "seduce" the neighbor. The very end, one of the two teenage girls goes up to the roof to call her sister (the grouchy one)for dinner (I think). Her sister is on the roof because that's usually where she is watching stars. To her surprise, she founds her grouchy sister asleep in the arms of the hot neighbor (they are both cuddling and asleep)- they've both fallen asleep stargazing. I don't think the protagonist/younger sister girl gets upset, she just seems to have a reaction of "huh, interesting" and smiles/goes back down to eat dinner.

I think the cover *might* have been some kind of blue.

I would love if someone could get me closer to this book it's been nearly a decade of searching! I was awfully young when I read this, so if it sounds similar to a book you know, with some of the details shifted, please comment anyways. Thank you!!

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Kate Farrell | 4070 comments Mod
N ~~
You've given some great detail. Surely someone will recognize it!

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