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Nate Kappler Life As We Knew It, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, is a gripping and terrifying story from the beginning all the way to the end. In Life as We Knew It, protagonist and high school sophomore Miranda Evans lives a normal life until one frightful night changes the life of not just Miranda but also the whole world! The famous Halley’s Comet hits the moon, knocking it out of orbit and affecting the earth in many ways. Pfeffer’s realistic depiction of an unlikely event keeps readers at the edge of their seat and eager to find out what’s going to happen to Miranda and her family.
The way Pfeffer presents Life As We Knew It through Miranda’s diary makes the reader immediately feel a personal connection to Miranda. Pfeffer effectively makes the reader feel as if they are experiencing these events themself. For example: “It was like if you’re playing marbles and one marble hits another on its side and pushes it diagonally. It was still our moon and it was still just a big dead rock in the sky, but it wasn’t benign anymore. It was terrifying…” (Pfeffer pg. 19) As one can see the reader is quickly drawn into the fear and excitement that comes from the moon hurtling ever-closer to the earth and the feeling of not knowing what will happen next.
A first reader of this dystopian novel will not be able to put it down as the book is always keeping them on edge, wondering what could possibly happen next. “But for that one moment I felt so weak, so helpless. I felt nothing but fear and despair and the most awful need to be anyplace else. I told myself it was hunger, but I knew that was a lie. As long as Mom was all right, I could fool myself into thinking we’d all be all right. But even though I knew Mom could have fallen anytime and sprained her ankle anytime, this felt as though it was the beginning of the end.” (Pfeffer pg. 204) This quote demonstrates the qualities of Life As We Knew It that makes the reader feel an urge to know what happens next. Will Miranda’s family survive in this ruthless environment? Or will they fall victim to its unforgiving challenges? The reader will eagerly venture on as they seek to discover Miranda’s fate.
Life As We Knew It is a thrilling and amazing read for audiences of all ages. Whether the reader is looking for a book to read in their spare time, reading it for a school project or any other reason, he or she will not be disappointed. As soon as one pics up the book, they are lost in its pages of excitement and wonder as Miranda’s family deals with this new world, throughout Pfeffer’s impressive work of science fiction.

Tina I am not a teenager and I really liked this book. I first got it on cd and listening to it was amazing. No awful teenage angst or "Does he like me?" stuff. This made it a book that could be read by all. A good protagonist and a good story. Enjoyable read.

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