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It was a Saturday morning, and Felix had totslly and utterly forgotten, she had thought that last Thursday afternoon after been a dream. She was in her sweatpants and a sports bra, her braids in sime sort of mess of a half-assed bun, as she poured herself some cereal to lazy to actually mske something. She had only gotten up about five minutes ago, only to find that she had run low on her favorite strain, the sour desiel. It had been an average morning until the memories of Thursday came back to her. Who would actually be interested in a freak like her? Especially someone that perfect. That was until she felt a small vibration come from her phone and onto the their small dining room table. hey, can you send me your adress At this Felix swiftly finished eating and dumped her dishes in the sink, rushing through the apartment into her bedroom.

In a panic she realised she hadn't actually responded yet, sending just her location back before hopping into the shower. They weren't too far from each other unfortunately, meaning she had less than ten minutes to clean her room and get stuff off her floor. She hadn't even explained to her parents that a girl would be coming over, because she herself had thought that someone that amazing had been a dream. While she had been cleaning and getting dressed, there was a ring at the door. Pounding on her parents door she tried speaking as loud as she could tok wake them, which unfortunately was average volume. "Could you answer that please?" Was all she said before running back to her room and shutting the door.

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Fortunately Micah and Vincent understood what it meant when she raised her voice even in the slightest. It was important. The two quickly got dressed awaking from their slumber on the weekend, and got ready in less than five minutes, a skill that Felix wished had rubbed off on her by now. Vincent got a pot of coffee ready, already knowing that Micah was getting the door. To their surprise it wasn't a package or even some random man, but instead a girl. A lovely young girl. "V-Vincent. Come here." The man came behind his husband somewhat eager to see what could have caused such a reaction for him to stutter. "It's a girl. Did Felix tell you about a girl?" "No. You?" "Micah, if she did why would I ask you?" "Maybe we shkuld invite her in instead of talking anout the poor girl right in front of her." Both surprised, their expressions changed into welcoming kind ones. "I just put on a pot of coffee, would you like some?" He asked already startinf the french press.

Felix on the other hand had come pratically tumbling down the steps and into the kitchen. "hey. you look... wow." Breathtaking was the right word, in fact she felt some what nervous about her own appearance, Micah and Felix looked between the both of them, interested in seeing what exactly was happening. "oh yeah, dads, this is toni. the person i've been telling you about." Toni? Oh, they had gotten it wrong. They thought her daughter was dating a man. They felt somewhat relieved. "Nice to meet you Toni, I'm Vincent and this is my husband Micah."

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Too infatuated with the sight before her, Felix hadn't even noticed that her parents were talking, it was like seeing through rose-colored glasses. The angels were singing, and while the people around her had started talking, a small crack appeared from the floor, and from it a flower quickly bloomed, a tiger lily to be exactly. Right before Toni's feet. Quite the unconventional flower for a date, but nonetheless, it was there. At this Felix felt her face flush with many emotions, good and bad. Of course this time the pros severely outweighed the cons. Her parents finally took the time to disengage from their conversation to look at their daughter who was now the color of a strawberry. "uhm i-i uh... sorry." Her parents looked uncertain about how to react in front of this new girl, but seeing the way she didn't call the cops, or immediately run out, they assumed it was fine. "Let's just hope it didn't get to the plumbing this time." Victor smiled hoping everything was okay before picking the flower while Micah reached for a vase and some shears.

The couple worked like a well oiled machine, working with and around each other in complete unision. It was admirable, and honestly, adorable as well. "sorry pops, i-i'll try not to do that again." Felix was well in control of her powers most of the time. There were certain types of magic, and unfortunately Felix's ran on emotions. Meaning that she did her best to feel numb all the time, but of course she was human(?) as well. And sometimes, feelings weren't the end of the world.

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Felix was almost one hundred percent sure that she had astroprojected out of this world when Toni went to go and grab her hand. Toni, a gorgeous and confident, not to forget one of the most beautiful people she had ever seen in her life, wanted to her Felix's hand. Trying not to say something stupid, she kept her mouth shut before turning to face the beauty who had just called her adorable, totally and helplessly dumbfounded as to why Toni had actually said yes to going out.

Oh God. She needed to chill, where was her pipe? "uhm. i was thinking that... we could maybe.. we could go to the park first.. then maybe see a movie. there is this really nice sushi place that i'd like to treat you to. and afterwards i could walk you back home." So far, things had gone well, she wasn't exactly sure how a tigerlily had gotten through the floorbaords, ususlly they wilted and kind of... disintegrated before anything could happen. This was new.

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((Thats adorable! Gah! They are sooo cute!))

Felix was having an overload of emotions at the moment, all she knew to process at the moment was her own breathing at the moment, and even that was a bit shakey. Still unsure of how she scored such a beautiful and funny person, Felix gave a goofy smile before closing her eyes and doing her best to calm herself. "c-cool, yeah t-thats really, n-nice. i'm glad." Oh god. Why did girls have to smell nice and be all pretty? Felix may try and be numb most of the time, be even she knew that girls were just so beautiful.

Her parents looked over their shoulders to catch a glimpse of the two, and saw the kiss on the cheek happen as soon as they turned around. Felix faced away from her family and Tonu, just to get a breather so she didn't explode out of infatuation. "so, uhm we can go upstairs for a minute so i can get my jacket and wallet then we can leave." Giving a nervous smile, and still holding Toni's hand she led her upstairs before her parents had any chance to say something embarassing about her cheeks.

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All that the poor nymph could think about was not sweating. If she had put stains on her shirt, she would want to off herself. So the small tug on her hand surprised her in more ways than one. As Toni began to speak on Felix’s weird behavior all she could do was listen, even if she wanted to interrupt her, her voice was too quiet, and she could never bring herself to interrupt someone she cared about. Her eyes trailed her face, and admired her beauty before grabbing her other hand. Pursing her lips too embarrassed to actually say anything.

Of course they couldn’t just stand in silence, and she couldn’t transmit her thoughts unfortunately. “toni.. i’m a weirdo. you are the pretty one, anytime I actually work up the courage to talk to someone i’m usually high, like really high. this time i was.. partially sober. do you know how special that makes you? you are so grogeohs and outgoing and perfect, today I literally fell out of my chair because I thought you had been a sweet dream. do you know how long i waved to you in the halls? three days. for three days I thought you were just a dream. fuck- i. I just really don’t wanna mess this up.” She murmured, looking like a bashful fifth grader confessing her crush.

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((Ahahaah!!!! You did the thing!!! Now watch as Felix tried not to explode))

It happened, while she was feeling sad and becoming a bummer on her date, Toni had actually put her lips on Felix’s. And it felt as though she had just fell into a gorgeous cloud of cotton candy. She didn’t know if heaven looked like, but she was so happy that it might as well be heaven on earth. There was that interesting scent of some type of flowery shampoo that had drifted under her nose, and the nice sounds of their feet shuffling in the wood floors. Everything about this moment was perfect. And for once in awhile, Felix actually felt as though she belonged.

Grabbing Toni, she pulled her a bit closer before wrapping her arms around her waist, only to rest her head on her shoulder. She felt so nice, and genuine. One of the main reasons that Felix didn’t hang around people was because she was so easy to manipulate once you got closer to her, and Toni had only done a hop, skip, and a jump, to land herself right by her heart. “we can go in a minute i just wanna stay like this.” For about a minute or so, she remained there just allowing herself to get a clearer whiff of the rose smell, before letting go. “let me go grab my stuff, then we can leave.” She sounded like she was in a daze, going to get her bag and jacket.

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