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4 Kids Walk Into a Bank
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message 1: by Mike, Host & Producer of IRCB! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mike Rapin (mikerapin) | 617 comments Mod
What did you think of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank by Matt Rosenberg and Tyler Boss? Who was your favorite character? What comic (or book) would you recommend to read next after this one?

Reminder: This discussion thread is FULL SPOILERS for 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank!

message 2: by KaitLphere (last edited Dec 16, 2018 12:01PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

KaitLphere | 187 comments Mod
I read this a short while ago for the Reading Challenge. I'm pretty happy with my original review, so I'm just pasting it here:

I really enjoyed the references to Star Wars and different games and franchises. I also appreciated how all the characters and their relationships to one another were distinctly different. The non-traditional gender expressions from Paige and Walter was really refreshing. The last issue was just a crazy wild ride that made unexpected and excellent use of the established "foreword" section of the issues.

I only wish we got more of an epilogue and knew about more of the fallout for the "bad guys." Also...whatever happened to Gerdis? Is he okay??

Okay to air

Robert | 46 comments I also read this a while ago for the Reading Challenge.
While I enjoyed it, I don't have the enthusiasm for it that some have had since it's release. I like the premise, and I like the less-than-happy ending. But, something just felt "off" about it throughout the story. On the one hand, it seems to try to be a realistic story (no monsters, super powers, fantasy, etc.). But, so much of what the kids do is so unrealistic. Did I miss something? I must have missed something.
[Ok to air]

Geoff (geopet) | 20 comments I'm working through another reading of this after ripping through it over the weekend.

I really enjoyed this book. I thought the pacing was excellent and the story it told was totally engaging. It feels like a mashup of Goonies, Stand By Me and Home Alone.

There were a lot of incredibly jarring elements to this book. From how Paige's father is literally out of the picture when the bad guys come through the door at the start, to how, as Kait mentioned, we're left wonder what the heck happened to Berger in the end!

As I'm doing my re-read, I'm also taking note of how we regularly missing the actual acts of violence and only left with the results of the action in the next panel. The most egregious of these come from when Paige is punched in the face when the bad guys barge into her house, and when Paige punches the bully Turgel, and when Berger is shot. Did anyone else notice this? I'm not sure what to take away from that.

The other thing I'm trying to reflect on is how this really isn't a coming of age story. I don't exactly know the best way to put it, but for me this is very much a coming to realization story. When Paige yells at the cops at the end "We're just kids!" that really hit home. Does this even make sense? Maybe it is a coming of age story. Like a coming to act your age story.

I'm really happy I read this, though. I'm definitely recommending it to others.

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