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message 1: by Kaira (new)

Kaira | 18 comments Hate-to-love: "This character is so interesting. Ugh but he/she is also so evil/gross. I shouldn't love this character and fangirl/boy whenever he/she appears. But I do. I shouldn't read the books hoping for a glimpse of this character but I do. I shouldn't get upset if this evil character dies, but I would. I shouldn't be willing to kill a lot of good guy/girl characters to keep this character alive, but I would! What am I doing loving this character?

Love-to-hate means: "I hate this character, but they make the plot interesting. I love seeing them appear if it means they're getting their come uppance in some way."

Apollo is a character I hate to love. The only DH character, so far, I love more than Apollo is Styxx. Which is kind of why I hate to love Apollo, because I basically love the character who made my son Styxx suffer in absolutely atrocious ways. It feels like a betrayal to Styxx. But, hey I can't control my feelings. I just happen to love Apollo.

When Apollo escaped Apollymi, I was happy!

message 2: by Kat (new)

Kat (katpreece) | 532 comments I hate-to-love Artemis :P

Malachaibubble12 | 555 comments Kat♐♐Fan of Styxx,Sav,Ash, Jaden♐♐ wrote: "I hate-to-love Artemis :P"

OMG Kat you're alive! Nice to hear from ya back on the forum ;)

message 4: by Kat (new)

Kat (katpreece) | 532 comments Thank you :D I came onto my account with 50 notifications and 10 messages. Wow lol.

message 5: by PepperP0t (new)

PepperP0t  | 180 comments you mean we aren't supposed to hate artemis?

message 6: by Kaira (new)

Kaira | 18 comments PepperP0t wrote: "you mean we aren't supposed to hate artemis?"

Hate to love basically means you love a problematic character, and you might feel slightly guilty about loving the character. In my case I hate-to-love Apollo. I don't feel guilty about loving Apollo anymore. Apollo is a fictional character, who doesn't exist, and his actions are non-existent. It's not like I love and support a real life person who committed real life crimes.

The phrasing "hate-to-love" is like dang why do I love this character!?

In Kat's case it's Artemis.

Love to hate basically means you hate a problematic character, but you look forward to seeing that character, because, you're hoping that this will be the moment when the character get's what you believe they deserve.

When this character appears you're excited, not because you have any positive feelings towards the character; but because this could be the moment when the character gets their ass kicked.

Like how a lot of DH fans were excited when they saw Apollo, in the face off at the end of Styxx's book, with some of the Atlantean pantheon vs Styxx, Ash and company. Because, they were excited at the idea that this might be the moment where Apollo got punished for his actions. Their attitude was "I'm glad you're here Apollo, it means there is a possibility you'll get punished."

Whereas, when I saw Apollo, my reaction was "I'm so glad to see you my precious evil Apollo. It makes me happy, whenever you're mentioned in the books, or whenever you say something."

PepperPot there is no rule on how someone is supposed to feel about Artemis.

message 7: by PepperP0t (new)

PepperP0t  | 180 comments it was a joke. Artemis is my love to hate character

message 8: by Kat Agrotera (new)

Kat Agrotera (katagrotera) | 19 comments Kat wrote: "I hate-to-love Artemis :P"

me too

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