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Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
Here's the place to talk about chapters 24-29. Please don't spoil it for others; if you want to talk about something in a later chapter, I'll be posting topics for the other chapters as well.

deana everett | 124 comments Masha was mean to Carmel but it's what she needed. She needs self-esteem back. Masha was also nice-told her she had already lost weight even though she hadn't. She new it's what Carmel needed to hear.

Tony surprises me every time. He's insightful and honest. I think Masha got more out of their session than he did.

We finally find out what happened to Zach. I suspected suicide but also expected to understand why.... Napoleon blames himself--he should have stopped it, he should have done something. It's heartbreaking. I lost a brother almost 20 years ago and a mother almost 8 years ago, neither to suicide, but I still wonder what I could have done to change it. I can understand Heather's brokenness and I can understand Napoleon's will not to be broken.

My favorite passage in the book so far "He could find hatred in his heart for her, too, if he went looking for it. The secret of a happy marriage was not to go looking for it." I find that SO true and am ashamed to say that I often go looking. The word "too" tells us that he knows Heather "hates" him sometimes. Interesting.

Zoe is still very angry with Zach and chants "at least we weren't close" to herself... wondering if perhaps they were in fact close.

Why does Heather blame herself? What's in the cabinet?? Did she ignore signs?

The breaking of the silence is interesting. We find out who Tony is, Frances and Tony flirt (I saw this coming-they will hook up) and Heather accuses Masha of medicating the group (I didn't see that coming though in retrospect I should have).

Carrie | 14 comments Chapter 26 was heartbreaking. I think this was so well written on such a devastating topic. Unfortunately, I know too many people affected by suicide, teen and adult. I don’t have the right words at all right now, but this touched me deeply.

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Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming but Zach’s suicide blindsided me. We lost our nephew a month ago to the day to suicide. He was very mentally ill. Our youngest has struggled with suicidal ideations after being assaulted in January. It’s not talked about enough - hell, this is the first place I’ve shared any of this and it really shouldn't be that way.

It’s really interesting that the author is tackling suicide in this book. She’s Australian and they are very strict about even the media discussing suicide for fear of the contagion that Zoe mentioned. I’m really impressed with her for taking this on. It’s gut-wrenching to read but it’s very realistic and this is only going to get better when people are openly sharing the effects and damage it does.

Alyx Hatton | 30 comments Wow.

Zach’s suicide blindsided me also. I was positive, for some reason, that he died of an asthma attack. I actually had to close the book for a moment.

Chapter 29 was absolutely crazy. I went through an emotional roller coaster. I was giddy finding out Tony is a footballer because I had guessed that early on (still don’t like him by the way), then I was extremely sad for Zoe, then I was not shocked, not appalled but I can’t quite find the right word for how I feel about Masha drugging them.

I’m definitely nervous for what’s going to happen next. I feel like a riot is about to break out.

message 6: by Jess (new) - added it

Jess | 4 comments I suspected suicide from the start, not sure why. But that was heartbreaking to listen to (I’m doing audio) and I stopped what I was doing to listen.

It’s fun to see the guests interact, I’m excited for more of that.

I am also curious to learn more about Masha and her drugging everyone. I didn’t see that coming.

Kristin (kdarby) | 20 comments I had guessed that Zach died by suicide. It's hard to talk about. People always say that it's contagious, but I think it triggers in others similar feelings of desperation and loss. Just as Napoleon described Zach as "impulsive", a lot of people seem to impulsively take that final action that will end their life...

It's this impulsivity that really struck me... I'm working to bring more mindfulness into my life, but I don't think mindful has to mean impulsive.

"But Napoleon knew it, because that was Zach. Impulsive. The absolute definition of impulsive. He never thought things through. He never thought of the consequences of his actions. He lived in the moment, as you were meant to do. He practised mindfulness. No yesterday. No tomorrow. Just now. I feel this now, so I will do this now."

Kristin (kdarby) | 20 comments I also had guessed early on that the smoothies have something in them, the way that the staff emphasized early on how important it is to finish the smoothies!

Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
That’s great insight, Kristin! When our daughter was struggling this year that’s one of the things her therapist had her practice - mindful of current feelings and surroundings but also being mindful of something in the future. Everything is so in the moment these days that kids like Zach really seem to struggle with their future.

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