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Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
Here's the place to talk about chapters 6-11. Please don't spoil it for others; if you want to talk about something in a later chapter, I'll be posting topics for the other chapters as well.

deana everett | 124 comments I love this book!

Frances is hilarious! I love her.

What happened to Ben and Jessica? How did the robbery set them up financially and how did it screw them up. I found it sad that given 30 minutes before they could t touc for 5 days, they chose not to make love. Something tragic has happened to Heather, Napoleon and Zoe. Did they lose a child? Maybe Zoe’s twin? Heather feels rage toward Napoleon—he is so perfect and is a rule follower. No sex for 3 years though she loves sex with him and finds him sexy.

deana everett | 124 comments Chapter 11: Frances

Funniest chapter yet! Frances is thinking of food... “It has been hours since she licked the Kit Kat wrapper.”

I love the moment she realizes that Tony is the man who found her on the road. Funniest passage so far! She hopes he stays loathsome— it will burn calories. She hopes he doesn’t make friends so she’ll win.

Interesting that until she was told she couldn’t eat what she wanted and until she saw Masha, she wasn’t worried about her weight. Now she sees herself as Jabba the Hut.

Masha made them believe she could change them.

Also found it interesting that Frances loves the house and thought it was beautiful but Jessica thought it was old and dark and depressing.

Alyx Hatton | 30 comments I am absolutely loving this book! I still relate to Frances regardless of our 20-year age gap. My heart breaks for Frances and her whole ordeal with Paul. I feel like that makes this character even more real to me, because she has realistic flaws.
I’m eager to find out more about Heather and what’s happened to her.
The massage therapists hesitation when asked about her job gave me an uneasy feeling. This whole place is very strange and cult-like, but it appears as if Masha truly has her guests best interest at heart.

Myra | 48 comments Love that the "serial killer" spoke up about the bags!
Strage that Zoe's parents are so protective of her.
I really like how this story is unfolding!

Deborah (debh56) | 63 comments At this moment, I’m most interested in Zoe. What is going on in the family that is creating such concern for her? She was the one to leave the meditation room and I’m wondering if it was due to anxiety or an intuition that something isn’t right about this entire scenario. I’ve been on silent retreats before, but this one feels off.

Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
You’ve been on silent retreats before? They sound intriguing! Do they accomplish what Masha is after here?

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Jess | 4 comments I agree something is weird. The massage therapist saying “don’t do anything you don’t want to do” was ominous. I’m excited to see more of the resort.

Love Francis, she’s just hilarious

Kristin (kdarby) | 20 comments I'm trying to anticipate what the massage therapist meant by her warning to Frances. It seems like the staff really do want to help the people that come to the health resort, but Masha gives me the creeps for some reason...

It makes me sad that all of the characters are assuming Frances is there to lose weight. I think it's realistic for our society, but sad.

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