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Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
Here's the place to talk about the first 5 chapters. Please don't spoil it for others; if you want to talk about something in a later chapter, I'll be posting topics for the other chapters as well.

deana everett | 124 comments 9 Perfect Strangers

Chapter 1 Yao

I like that the author reveals the setting through visual clues rather than just stating that the scene takes place in Sydney, Australia.

She also gives Yao’s sexual orientation without stating that he’s heterosexual.

Yao appears to be serious about his job and is hypercritical of himself.

Masha’s work ethic reminds me of me. She has no time for illness and can’t see that taking a short break is necessary and probably will save her time in the long run.

Chapter 2 Frances

Frances is funny in a tragic way (she’s lost a lover, has hot flashes and a paper cut). I love how she talks to herself—I do the same thing the same way. I crack myself up and also tell myself I’m ok and not crazy.

Chapter 3 Lars

He is obviously gorgeous and probably famous based on how the vineyard owner’s wife reacted.

He’s having a relationship issue with someone and likes wine.

Chapter 4 Frances

Frances’ experience at the gate reminds me of so many of my experiences. Something goes wrong, I think I’m so clever to figure out an alternative that doesn’t work either then someone else comes along and smoothly accomplishes what I’ve been struggling with.

We find out that her new editor gave her pointers on increasing her social media presence but she didn’t listen. She didn’t think she needed to; her popularity would carry her. Maybe she should have listened—no one wants her latest book and someone wrote a bad review about her.

Chapter 5 Ben

Ben has come to the health resort unwillingly but because his wife Jessica wanted him to.

He hates the cosmetic surgery his wife has had done; boobs, lips. He loves her and can’t bear to leave her, but can’t bear to stay with her either.

There was a robbery that somehow caused him to get his Lamborghini and apparently Jessica to have the $ for her surgeries.

He views Frances like he would his mother’s friends.

Jessica recognizes Frances as the romance novelist.

Alyx Hatton | 30 comments Really enjoying this so far. I really like the flow and the POV writing style. This Frances, unlike our last Frances, is very relatable to me. I see a lot of myself in her. I’m really intrigued by Paul and to find out what kind of crime he’s committed.
I also am very eager to learn more about Lars and why everyone does double takes, I’m assuming because he’s so handsome.

One thing in Bens chapter really stuck out to me “The thought of separating from Jessica was like having his guts ripped out, but these days being married to Jessica was like having his guts ripped out.” I relate to this a lot, I think anyone who has ever been married can relate to this at some point throughout their marriage.

I’m super excited to continue reading and feel like this one is going to go pretty quickly for me!

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Danielle Phillips (armyofreaders) | 3 comments This is a quick fun read and that’s a relief! I’ve been reading some intense books lately. I can’t decide which character I’m drawn to most but I love the multiple points of view. I also love the short chapters!

Carrie | 14 comments I love the book right off the bat because of Frances’ hot flashes.

Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
I’m catching up but the hot “flushes” made me LOL. I think this is going to be a fun read. I always enjoy the books that use changing POV’s.

Rebecca Hunt maples | 22 comments Loving all the characters so far but I can’t wit to learn more about the resort. I’m curious to see what awaits everyone and why there are so many mixed reviews about the place. And I found the winemakers remarks about the people coming from there being “shell shocked” to be funny.

Betty Houston | 3 comments Just read the first 5 chapters. I love when a book makes me laugh out loud. I can totally relate to Frances and her hot flashes! Menopause sucks!
I felt sorry for Ben immediately. I have friends who have changed their looks with plastic surgery and Botox. I wonder if their husbands feel the way Ben does about Jessica? She’s obviously very self absorbed. I’m looking forward to their story.

Myra | 48 comments I like the short chapters being focused on each character. Everyone has issues, but they are very relatable. So far, so good!

message 10: by Jess (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jess | 4 comments I’m loving this book so far! It’s laugh out loud funny which I like. Frances is hilarious and I’m excited to meet the other 4 strangers!

Deborah (debh56) | 63 comments I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading some less than enthusiastic reviews, but I’m finding the characters interesting. I’m not sure about the retreat, though. It feels like something isn’t quite right about this place. I guess we’ll see as the story develops.

Kristin (kdarby) | 20 comments I started the book a little late, but trying to catch up! I whipped through the first five chapters (it's helpful when they're short). I love the format, but I'm already having trouble trying to keep the characters straight thanks to some brain fog; I think I'm going to have to make a character map.

Masha reminds me of myself in ways. I too struggle with medical issues but push through and continue to work. Makes me feel like I should listen to my body more closely. I love Frances too. I can't wait to see their stories tie together and find out what happens at the health resort!

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