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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fantasy, 80s, female protagonist, flooded, wet world, one city/castle on dry ground

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message 1: by Andrew (last edited Nov 30, 2018 01:51PM) (new)

Andrew Kubatko | 2 comments Book I read in high school ca 1992-93
Features a wet, flooded and muddy world, that has submerged paved ancient roads, people travel the roads on large mamoth like creatures (AFAR?) that know the roads. Theres only dry ground around main (kings?) castle/ city.

At the end of this world, there are waterfalls
I do not remember the plot. I believe it was a female writer, but I could be wrong.
Ending is such as to point that there was continuation

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Lobstergirl | 37777 comments Mod
YA or adult?

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Kubatko | 2 comments I’d say YA (not sure), don’t remember the cover, around 700 pages paperback, open ending so probably first of a series but in the library I’ve never found pt2 - maybe it was never published. Bugs me for 10 years now...

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Andrew ~~
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