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Sora’s restaurant where anyone can eat and enjoy themselves.


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Jiwoo hurried through the building, trying to find a single seat that wasn’t taken. This restaurant was beautiful, and he loved the view so much. It made him think.
He never came with friends, or family. He felt like that just led to drama and pointless blabber that he’d rather not hear. His thoughts needed quiet. So he came alone, quite often. What he didn’t do quite often is smack face first into another person and knock them down in his rush.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard had not planned to eat out today, with finances being tough and the demand for fixing cars low, he knew he needed the money. But he wanted to be satisfied today, and this restaurant was the best place to be for that. The food was great, service was fast, he had nothing to complain about. He was about to go to the bathroom when he felt a body hit into him. He stumbled backwards, slamming his hip into his own table. Richard winced, but bit his lip to avoid the swear that desired to be blurted out.

He looked down at the boy who ran into him. Richard put a hand to steady him. “Woah there, are you that hungry you need to tackle people for food?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow. He recognised him from high school. The word school made Richard remember the tough, lonely childhood and the cursed skeleton spirit that befell on him. He was glad that chapter of school and education was over.

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Jiwoo chewed on his bottom lip as he was steadied by the other person. “I’m so sorry,” he murmured, glancing up and letting out a small relieved sigh when he saw the other wasn’t angry. Well, he didn’t look angry.
“I’m sorry.” He said again. “Did I hurt you?” He wasn’t really good at handling situations like this. The air around them slowly started to heat up with his anxiety, and he frowned in concentration to bring it back to room temperature.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) "Hey, hey don't worry about it" Richard gave him a weak smile. He gave a harsh laugh to the boy's worry. He didn't mean to. But the thought of someone asking him whether he was hurt was bizarre. He was a skeleton spirit. Cursed to have his skin peel at the sight of sunlight. This boy was certainly pure. But Richard was humbled by the concern, feeling a soft pound in the depth of his stony heart.

Richard noticed the way the boy was getting worried about the situation, and he didn't want things to get worse. He furrowed his brows. "I'm fine, but you need to sit down" he murmured. He paced a guiding hand on the boy's shoulders and brought him down to his table. He wouldn't mind the company, and he noticed that the young man was alone.

"Here, you can join me" he smiled, handing him a freshly poured glass of water.

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Jiwoo nodded, a little surprised at the mean laugh, but didn’t pay any heed to the tone. He wasn’t sure - had he said anything funny?
“What? No, I’m fine,” Jiwoo said when the other offered to bring him to the table, but still allowed himself to be led to the seating location. He sat down and nodded in gratitude. “Thank you.” He took small sips from the water glass, his eyes wandering over to the windows. It would be rude to ignore this person. He didn’t want to socialize, but it wasn’t the end of the world if he had to. So he started with a simple, “What’s your name?”

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard sat back down in his chair, the need for the bathroom wasn't as urgent as he previously thought. Silently, he watched his new eating companion. He was different, quiet and curious to the surroundings rather than Richard himself. Richard couldn't help but grin. He welcomed the new sentiment of being accompanied.

He cleared his throat, "Richard Silas Blane" He stated, giving a curt nod. The way he announced his name sounded dated, far from the modern introductions that were used. "But that's a mouthful" he smirked. "So people call me Richard instead" he shrugged. "What about yourself?" He waved the waitress to come over. "I'm guessing you're hungry? Would you care for the menu?" Richard mentally kicked himself, his eyes closing briefly in frustration. He sounded so formal and unorthodox.

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Jiwoo met Richard’s gaze, the air around the two turning cold for a moment. So Richard was different, then. He looked down at the designs on the table, smiling slightly at the idea.

“Ah. Richard.” Jiwoo nodded; he’d heard that name a lot last year in school. “I know of you.” He took another drink of his water and sat back in his seat, accepting the menu from Richard. “Jiwoo Chung,” He said by way of introduction, studying the items on the menu.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard felt goosebumps along his muscular arms. He shivered at the sudden drop in temperature. He glanced at the ceiling. "Did they turn up the air con here or what?" he muttered. He reached to the black hoodie that was thrown on top of his chair, and tugged it on.

When his head popped out, he ran a hand through his curls. "All good things I hope" his grin widened. In school, he was a nightmare. Always scaring the younger years with his emo vibes and sometimes would roam around at night to scare whoever was still around. The janitor was a common victim. Not an active participant in class, but academically, he excelled in his classes. Especially history and english literature.

"A pleasure, Jiwoo" he said. And Richard hoped it would be. Underneath the table, his fingers fidgeted. He noticed how it was getting dark. Luckily he researched that it would be a cloudy night. But the thought of moonlight coming through the window scared him.

"So..." He struggled to keep the conversation going. What did people in this age talk about? "I would recommend everything on the menu expect the salads...little dressing and too many croutons"

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Jiwoo froze at the mention of the temperature, frowning behind his menu as he heated the air again.
“Yeah, you’re pretty famous for being so smart,” he explained while he put the menu flat on the table and looked out the window again. He was immortal, but hadn’t been alive for nearly as long as most supernaturals in this town. He was only thirty-six. So he was getting along pretty well.
Jiwoo nodded with a small smile. “I will not get the salad then.” He closed the menu purposefully and waited for the waitress to come back. “Sorry for running into you earlier, I was trying to find a seat and …” he shrugged. “There weren’t many,”

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard frowned when suddenly the coolness ceased, and the restaurant was back to its room temperature. He glanced at Jiwoo but said nothing, just a goofy grin. “I think they could be messing with me about not paying the bill last time” he teased. Then pulled off his hoodie, remaining in a grey cotton t-shirt. Stained with splotches of tar.

He raised an eyebrow. “Smart?” He murmured. Ricky stroked his chin, “So after all that time, only that huh?” He said directing it mostly to himself than Jiwoo.

Richard waved his hand. “Please, it’s fine. Honestly. No harm done at all” he smiled softly. “Yeah, this place gets pretty full during the dinner rush” His eyes wandered off to the now packed restaurant. Bodies waited by the entrance, hoping to get a table. Richard leaned back on his chair. “I actually ordered a few minutes ago, so I guess we’re going to spend dinner together” He shrugged casually. Suddenly leaning forward to Jiwoo, he dropped his voice to a whisper. “Plus, it’s fun to watch those guys think you’re leaving, when you’re not” He winked.

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Jiwoo tilted his head to the side. “Why? Is there anything else you’d want to be known for?” He was going to graduate this year, and he wsouldnt be known for anything. Except maybe being good at soccer or something. But that was no reputation at all. He’d rather be invisible than leave a lasting mark. Therefore, it wasn’t a problem.

Jiwoo nodded and smiled softly, glancing over his shoulder and seeing how many people were here now. It gave him the chills. He hated crowds. He turned back to the table and cracked his knuckles under the table, his gaze wandering to the windows once again.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) He shrugged, “I never had high expectations towards that school” Richard stated. He was glad it was over, though he now didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to leave the town, but he was stuck in place. Stuck to live out a boring life. “I remember you” Richard shifted in his seat. “From sports….you were in the….” He bit his lip in thought. He did remember Jiwoo from something sports related. And knew that the boy excelled at it, but he couldn’t place it.

He glanced at Jiwoo, once again his gaze was casted towards the window. Richard titled his head to one side. “Are you expecting anyone?” He asked curiously. “Because I can leave if you’re having company over” he offered. “I can ask mine for takeaway” Though Richard intended to eat here, with the noise and the clinking of plates, he wouldn’t feel offended if Jiwoo did ask him to leave. However, the quiet, lonely atmosphere of his room wasn’t what he hoped for tonight. Today was the anniversary of his family’s death. Where Richard was left behind.

He took hold of his glass, his throat going dry from the memory of that day. And drank quietly, downing the water in a few gulps.

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Jiwoo nodded, looking down at the table and pretending not to be disappointed that Richard didn’t remember him. But that was just who he was. He was ever noticed. People didn’t remember what sports he played or if he was in their class or not. He convinced himself it was okay over and over again, but he still felt himself lonely every once in a while.

He shook his head hurriedly, his gaze snapping back to Richard’s eyes. “No, don’t go. I’m here alone.” He couldn’t help it, that he was kind of having fun with another human being instead of his old dog for once.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard bit his lip. That wasn’t the answer Jiwoo had hoped for. He felt a pang of annoyance. Richard felt completely moronic, almost selfish…too engrossed with his status than anyone else. “Sorry…it was soccer right?” He said softly, hoping for some kind of salvation to his behaviour.

He jumped at Jiwoo’s outburst. He nodded, mildly shocked at what was just said. He settled back in his chair, not bothering the hide the content he felt at that moment. Mostly happy that he would eat in the restaurant, and that his internal thoughts were sealed away for the night.

“I won’t” he smiled. “But ground rules, no more peeking outside” he teased, wagging a finger at Jiwoo. He meant it as pure jest of the moment, nothing serious of course.

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Jiwoo smiled softly, his cheeks heating up, and looked back up at Richard. He was flattered someone had remembered him. “Yeah. It’s okay, I’m not very memorable.” He said it with the same smile, trying not to make their conversation unnecessarily heavy.

Jiwoo nodded again, tapping on the table with his long nails. “I’ll try.” He offered with a small laugh.
He looked up as the waitress came with their food, thanking her with a bow of his head before she placed the steaming plates in front of them.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard’s smile quavered slightly. He felt for Jiwoo, sometimes he felt that he too would not be memorable. Maybe that’s why he was cursed to be a skeleton spirit, to become something different, unique. He had not just as yet mastered any of his possible powers, only focusing on the horrid change of his appearance. The shedding of the skin to expose your raw self. Richard thought that was powerful enough. He cleared his throat. “Well, you made yourself pretty memorable to me” He announced, grinning.

When the waitress came with their food, he didn’t bother glancing up. Instead he watched Jiwoo’s mannerisms, the way he bowed his head and how he held himself in his chair. Everything carried a form of airy grace. Even the nails he tapped on the table moved upwards and downwards in an elegant fashion. It was intriguing to watch to say the least.

Richard nodded to the waitress when she positioned his food in front of him, only breaking his contact with Jiwoo when he realised he was staring long enough. “Um…enjoy your meal?” He smirked, gesturing to the food. “You did pick the best item of the menu” he commented, “I happen to have gotten the same” Richard pointed to his own plate.

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Jiwoo was about to look out the window again for a refreshing no-people view, but realized he wasn’t supposed to do that. He glanced back to Richard and smiled, blushing slightly. He was memorable? Since when? The sentiment was nice, but truly all he was was a boy from soccer practice.

He was about to begin eating when he noticed his companion staring at him for an unnecessary amount of time. His cheeks heated up again and he gathered cool air around himself to quiet his nerves. He smiled softly at Richard. “Why are you staring at me?”

At Richard’s next comment, Jiwoo nodded. “It smells lovely.”

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) ((Sorry for my late reply! xx))

Richard grinned when Jiwoo looked at the window again. Only turning serious when he glanced back at Richard. But the failure of keeping a frown got the best of him, breaking the facade by giving a soft chuckle.

He rubbed the back of his head when Jiwoo asked him why he stared at her. He scoffed. “Huh, I didn’t think you’d notice” he murmured, glancing up at Jiwoo. He gave him a small smile. “For the record, I’m staring at your food…which looks delicious and untouched” he lied. Richard lifted his fork and jokingly reached over to Jiwoo’s plate, daring to take a piece of his food.

“So your final year,” he began. “Excited? Nervous?” He asked, trying to change the subject.

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{it’s fine}

Jiwoo let out a huff of a breath that was upheld laughter. It sounded disdainful, but he didn’t mean it that way.
He noticed Richard’s suspicious reaction and glanced down at the table to hide his blush - yet again. Stupid hormones.
He looked up at Richard again when he mentioned the food. “Oh. I don’t eat much,” he murmured, picking up his fork and taking a few bites. He wasn’t rude enough to not eat the meal someone else bought for him.
“Oh, final year. It’s … I don’t know. It’s weird.” He tapped his nails on the table again, biting his lip and trying to sort out his thoughts in a way that would make sense to another human.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard smiled softly at Jiwoo’s silence. He somehow enjoyed the silence between the two. It wasn’t a silence that Richard had encountered before, where there was strong angry tension, or hatred was silently shouted both ways. It was almost peaceful. Richard couldn’t help but glance outside to watch the sky, he noticed the small shine of moonlight. His breath caught quietly. “Shit” he murmured as he looked down to his plate.

He glanced at Jiwoo, who was beginning to eat his food. In his mind, Richard wondered what would happen if a small spec of moonlight hit the window and landed on his face. What would this boy think? Of him? Richard focused back on his food and proceeded to eat slightly faster than his companion. Both hunger and nerves fuelling the speed.

“Well, you’re almost there” he assured. “After that, it’s partial freedom until you figure out what’s next” he smiled. “I…you shouldn’t really listen to me on life choices” Richard stated, with a small shrug. “Not really the best to talk about that” He lifted his fork in realisation. “But if you ever need help with maths or anything numeracy, I’m your man…” and I’d like to see you again he wanted to add, but withheld from doing so. Mainly because he didn’t want Jiwoo to think Richard was weird.

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Jiwoo tilted his head slightly to the side at Richard’s language. “What’s the matter?” He asked. He followed the other’s gaze out the window, seeing the moonlight shining through the clouds. He’s heard about supernaturals that changed at night - and he knew Richard was different.

He nodded, smiling softly when Richard mentioned life choices. “I’ve been in this grade for a couple of years now,” he said slowly, hoping Richard would understand he was different too - and not just stupid enough to be held back multiple grades. “I think I’ve got math down pretty well. Still … I would like to see you again …”

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard’s head snapped up to Jiwoo. “What? Me? N-Nothing” he stammered with a sheepish smile. He glanced down at his near empty plate, and leaned back to let digestion take its course for a while.

“Sorry. Just that moonlight is…scary to me” he murmured. Richard closed his eyes in quiet frustration. Scary? Seriously? he thought. Part of him wanted to be truthful to Jiwoo but another part of fearful of being honest.

He raised his eyebrow at Jiwoo. “Couple of years?” He repeated. In his mind, Richard wondered the life of Jiwoo. He was quiet, gentle…almost every movement from him was elegant. Like air. He narrowed his eyes, but left the conversation there. If Jiwoo was a supernatural, Richard knew that it was up to him to confess, not for Richard to blurt it out. The supernatural’s abilities were private things, like Richard, some dangerous. And if he was wrong, Richard did not want to lose someone again.

A surge of hatred spread through him as the moonlight edged its way closer to the table. His hand moved away, as if it burned. He cleared his throat. “Listen. I don’t know about you but I think I’m going to get going soon…” He bit his lip. Quickly pulling out a pen and a napkin he wrote down his phone. “Here. Call me…when you have the time” he smiled softly. He stayed at the booth for more than he should’ve. “I…we…enjoy your meal?” He nodded, unable to piece together anything.

((Btw I was thinking that maybe Jiwoo could be a calming source for Richard when he transforms into a skeleton spirit?? Thoughts??))

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Jiwoo narrowed his eyes but let the comment about the scary moonlight slide. If Richard didn’t want to tell him about being a supernatural, he wouldn’t push it. Maybe it would help him to know, though, that Jiwoo himself was also different. He may have been catching the hint, but it didn’t seem like he did - Richard’s face looked kinda skeptical. “I’m like you,” Jiwoo murmured as he took a last bite of his food, half-hoping Richard hadn’t heard. “Different.” He finished, just to solidify his doom.

Jiwoo glanced at the light on the table and pulled his napkin from his lap, folding it back up carefully before placing it beside his plate. He nodded. “I should get going too.” He smiled softly and took the napkin, sliding it into his pocket before standing also and nodding again. “I’ll call you.” He turned around to leave and then remembered one last thing, catching Richard’s arm before he could leave too. “Thank you.”

{yes yES}

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard’s head tilted towards Jiwoo, hearing the word ‘different’ being uttered into the air between them. He met his eyes, but kept to himself. Only giving Jiwoo a slowly growing grin. He winked and stood, putting a few bills to pay for both their meals. Richard waved the waitress to their table to make sure she knew that he paid. He noted the way the crowds shifted, itching to grab the newly free table. It made Richard smirk.

He walked with Jiwoo to the door, waiting for a while. “It’s my pleasure” he rubbed the back of his neck shyly. “Yeah, call me whenever” he said. He didn’t want to walk out just yet, wondering if he let Jiwoo leave first, it would lower the chances that he’d see the monster Richard thought he was.

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Jiwoo smiled as he caught Richard’s gaze, knowing he understood from the slight change in the atmosphere around the two.
When they got it the door, Jiwoo smiled and ducked his head in a small bow to thank Richard again. He pushed open the door and hurried out - straight into the rain. Ugh. He ducked back under the awning, running a hand through his wet hair and looking up at the sky. It looked like a short storm - it should pass in a few minutes at the maximum. So he stayed under the small cover, waiting for it to stop.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard watched Jiwoo leave. His eyes catching his many times, leaving him in a blushing frenzy.

Once Richard was sure he was out of sight, he rolled his shoulders and walked out. His head completely soaked by the rain. He groaned his disgust. “Seriously?” He yelled to the sky. A group of kids, around 14 years old, laughed at Richard’s outburst. “Loser! Weirdo!” They shouted at him.

His eyes glanced to them, flashing with anger and hatred. Then as if on cue, the moonlight made its appearance. The lights edging its way to his covered body until it reached his face.

Richard hissed, as the light melted away his skin leaving ebony bones. The group of teenagers gasped and screamed their fear. That only made Richard feel more…alive. He rolled his neck, the bones cracking at the moment. “Whose the weirdo now, you little shits” His voice hoarse, inhumane. The skeleton spirit wanted to be rid of the covers. Hurriedly, his hands worked to remove his shirt, his skin peeled and burned away, leaving only bony cavities. He roared a deadly sound and stalked his way to the group, who were frozen in fear.

“Come to little Silas” he soothed. His hands, or rather the raw bones, reached out grabbing one of the boy’s shirts and pulled him close. “This is where you tell your friends to run” he whispered to him. Then Richard’s mouth opened wide, sucking the boy’s soul from his body slowly. Deep down, Richard was fighting against this. It never got to such extremes before.

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Jiwoo kicked impatiently at the cement under his shoes, waiting for the rain to stop. He heard something that sounded vaguely familiar - Richard’s voice. Then … Jiwoo’s head jerked up as he heard something else. Bones.
He watched in terror - but intrigued terror - as the moonlight slid over Richard’s body and his skin melted off. Jiwoo’s mouth hung open slightly, his hands clenching together and his nails pressing into his palms painfully. He’d known it was something - Richard’s fear of moonlight, the cold air surrounding him. But he hadn’t known it would be this bad.

Jiwoo watched until Richard approached the boy, grabbing his shirt. Nothing good would come of this. He knew (even if he barely knew Richard) that he wouldn’t do something like this if he was in control. Jiwoo ran out into the rain, nearly tripping over the curb in his haste. He grabbed Richard’s white, bony arm and tugged on it, trying not to gag on the sensation. “Richard, stop,” he said, more calm than most would be.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard felt a pull of his arm, then heard a voice. Jiwoo His conscious spoke. The soul he took raced back to the boy’s limp body. Richard let go, not bothering at the thud when the boy’s body hit the ground. He heard the screams of his friends, and the hastily pulling of their friend away from the being.

Richard turned to the voice until he was face to face with Jiwoo. Deep down, he screamed for him to leave, to go away from this. The bony skull cocked its head, observing, almost predatory. He hissed, as the moonlight clouded, he pulled his arm away from Jiwoo. “Leave!” He begged, as Richard’s knees buckled. He was trying to control the skeleton spirit. A glimpse of Richard peeked through the spirit. His humane side. “Jiwoo” He spoke weakly. Then another groan as the moonlight hit again. The rain hit harder.

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quq  (190511)
Jiwoo flinched when he heard the wet slap of the boy’s body against the waterlogged pavement, but kept his gaze focused on Richard.

He stumbled backwards as Richard’s arm was tugged from his grip, shivering in his sopping clothes. He straightened and stood there, hands by his sides as he tilted his head to watch Richard. “No, come back under the awning,” he offered, reaching out a hand. There was a spot of shade - if he could get Richard into that, he could turn back.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard gasped. Pain from the emergence of new skin and the burning feeling that the moonlight created. It was juxtaposition of being alive and dead. Richard stuck in the middle, torn between two worlds.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the outstretched hand. With all the strength he could muster, his hand latched out and grabbed Jiwoo’s soft hands. “Help. Me” he choked.

Richard scrambled up to his feet, trying to fight away the spirit. It was a short moment that the skeleton spirit was weakened. But enough for Richard to be pulled to safety from further destruction.

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quq  (190511)
Jiwoo choked back a gag at the feel of Richard’s half-formed hand, but tugged him out of the street and towards the awning. He pulled him closer to get him out of the light, blushing softly when he felt his chest brush against Richard’s. Jiwoo stepped backwards and into the light, giving Richard some space.
“That was scary,” he said with a huff of a laugh, looking down as Richard’s skin came back.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) When Richard reached the shadows, his hands steadied himself on the ground. His body shook as the skin grew back and covered his torso, chest, shoulders, back, and arms. His head jerked up, locking eyes with Jiwoo. His face was the final area to regenerate skin.

Richard took a gulp of air as he took control of his body again. He shivered. Glancing up at Jiwoo, he expected him to be scared, disgusted or both. Instead, he heard the gentle laugh that escaped from his lips. It made Richard’s head fill with questions and his heart flutter uncontrollably. “W-w…aren’t you disgusted?” He asked.

He noticed the discarded hoodie and shirt that was daring him to go back out into the moonlight. Richard would have to get that tomorrow. He straightened himself, his toned torso in view. Suddenly feeling self-conscious of being half naked in front of someone, he hugged his body. “I’m sorry” he murmured. “I-…” he didn’t know what to say.

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Jiwoo tilted his head as he looked down at Richard. “Yes.” He replied nonchalantly, as if it was no big deal. Of course it was a big deal - but Jiwoo just didn’t react to things like that. He paid attention to the details and not the big picture, and it usually succeeded in calming him down.

He saw Richard glancing at the clothes in the street and blushed he realized the shirt wasn’t on Richard anymore. He glanced down at his own clothes and winced for his own modesty when he saw the wet fabric clinging to his body. He ran a hand through his sopping hair and went back out in the street to grab Richard’s clothes.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard smirked, shaking his head in disbelief. Who was this man and where had he been all his life! “OK then” he said, unable to shake away the smile that was full in his face. It was as if the episode didn’t happen, it was almost normal.

He watched as Jiwoo walked back out to the moonlight, grabbing his clothes. Richard shook the wetness from his hair. “I didn’t think I had that bad of a body!” He yelled from where he stood. He’d keep the conversation light, not wanting to dwell into what had occurred. He didn’t want to scare Jiwoo away now. “Jiwoo! You’re going to catch a cold!” He continued, a foolish smile appeared.

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quq  (190511)
Jiwoo smiled back at Richard, shaking his head slightly. He wasn’t sure why the other had such a big grin - but of course he was obliged to return it.

While he was in the street, he morphed the air into a sort of shield, blocking the rain from his body as he grabbed Richard’s clothes and went back to the awning. He blushed softly as he handed the other his clothes. “You don’t.”
He wondered for a brief moment why Richard would care if he caught a cold. He was just another background character. They were friends now, though. Obviously. Maybe that was why. He shook his head to get the water out of his hair again and to clear his thoughts.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard smiled grateful and took the clothes from Jiwoo, his hand brushing his as he took the bundle of wet shirt and hoodie.

He dried them out, by pressing down the water from collar to hem, and hastily put on the hoodie. “Thank you” he smiled. Richard caught the blush from Jiwoo’s cheeks, making him blush at the thought of making him bashful. He didn’t know what made Richard calm around Jiwoo. Even more impressive was the ability that he’d help Richard keep away the skeleton spirit.

“Hey” he said softly. “I hope I didn’t put you off from calling me” he said, running a hand through his damp hair. “If you don’t mind hanging out with a freak, I was wondering…if you wanted to go to this new year ball thing?” Richard had heard the rumour and then seen the flyers everywhere, it was inescapable the holiday spirit. And he needed to bring someone, all the girls, Richard wasn’t interested in dry conversation. He’d prefer someone that would keep him relaxed and actually happy to be at the event. Jiwoo was his best choice. “I know, it’s stupid and I’m wasn’t planning to go but…I guess I’m interested” He shrugged.

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Jiwoo felt Richard’s hand brush his wrist and his first instinct was to slide his own fingers into the spaces between Richard’s. He couldn’t do that, of course, because the other was holding all of his wet clothes, so he pulled his hand away.

Jiwoo laughed softly. “You’re no more of a freak than I am.” He tapped his chin with his long nails, pretending to think about it. “I suppose … I could make time for it.” As if he had a busy schedule.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard pushed his hands into the hoodie's pocket. He felt them lightly trembling against the fabric. Part due to the harsh transformation, another part was strangely a reaction from Jiwoo's touch. It was almost as magnetic as himself.

He shifted his weight from one foot to another. "Well...I- you can always get back to me later" he stammered. He looked up to Jiwoo, smiling bashfully. "I don't mind" he said.

Glancing at the time, he noticed how late it was getting, the moon was only getting higher and higher. How he'd get home without harvesting a soul or doing something incredibly stupid, Richard wasn't sure. All he knew was that this time, Jiwoo would have to be out of sight before he'd let that happen again. "Don't you have school tomorrow?" he asked, raising an eyebrow in light humour.

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Jiwoo chuckled softly. "I was joking, of course I'll go with you."
He noticed Richard's fearful glances at the sky and looped his arm loosely through the other's. "Mm, I do." He said in confirmation. He usually stayed up late though; he loved nighttime. "Come home with me. I'll make sure nothing happens." He said, glancing up at Richard before tugging him to where his car was parked in the lot.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) “Thank you” he blurted out. Richard laughed awkwardly. It was evident that he was relieved to hear that answer. He felt stupid to have blurted out the question when they knew each other so little. But Jiwoo’s character reassured Richard.

“Come home? With you?” He smiled wickedly. “Well, I don’t want to impose, and after all…” he paused. “We’ve only just met” he drawled. Next thing, Richard knew he was being dragged through the lot to a car. “Woah, w-wait Jiwoo, um moonlight?” He said in broken sentences. He kept glancing up at the cloudy sky, keeping a watchful eye on the cloud’s movement.

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Jiwoo smiled softly. "You're welcome." He wasn't sure why Richard was so excited about it; it was just a boring dance with a boring person. But if he wanted to go, Jiwoo wasn't anyone to turn him down.

He blushed red and shook his head. "I didn't - I wasn't suggesting anything," he said, a flustered smile on his face. "We just don't know each other that well, and if we're going to the dance together we should probably talk a little more." And also, he was worried about Richard's moonlight habits. He was sure the other knew how to deal with it, but still. His mind wouldn't be content unless he knew what was going on.
He looked up at the sky when Richard mentioned moonlight - he'd forgotten about that little complication. He focused all of his energy on keeping the clouds in place, pushing against the opposing winds. It was hard. He dug out his keys and unlocked the car doors, getting inside with strained breaths. He probably just sounded like an old man now.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) ((it’s beautiful and I love it! No need to apologise!))

Richard glanced worriedly at Jiwoo, noting a change in his character, then the wind started to gust clouds everywhere. His eyes widened. “You’re cursed too?” He asked. Richard recoiled at the choice of words. “I mean, supernatural” he murmured. For Richard, the supernatural beings and realm was a curse, abnormal and only brought misfortunes to humans. Take his own family, who was taken away from him and Richard baring all the consequences of their disappearance. The jail time, court, rehabilitation. All time that would’ve been his childhood. Gone to a skeleton spirit that had taken control of his mind. Sometimes at night, he’d hear the voice of the spirit, taunting him to be weak, to go out and feed. And every night, Richard would break.

He moved to help Jiwoo, offering him a steady hand on his shoulder, something to lean on if he’d want to. Once he was inside the car, Richard jogged over to the other side, climbing in. He breathed out a rash breath. “Ok, let’s start over, because…” He chuckled. “This is insane?” His sapphire eyes searched Jiwoo’s. “Elemental?” He inquired.

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Jiwoo nodded with a sigh. He kept the cloud cover blocking the moonlight until they got into the car, then let it go with another loud breath.

Jiwoo took the opportunity to lean on Richard's shoulder; the winds were especially strong tonight, and they were blowing the opposite direction of where he wanted them to go.
After they were both in the car, he took a second to catch his breath, closing his eyes and puffing out his cheeks. "Yeah. I can ... control and morph air, if that makes any sense? And I'm a lot younger than most supernaturals." He tapped his nails on the dashboard, a nervous habit he did all the time, if Richard hadn't picked up yet. "Only thirty or so, I stopped counting." He found himself looking back at Richard, lost in his unique eyes. "I like your eyes," he said softly, completely changing the subject.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard leaned back as the clouds resumed their slow, natural course. He looked at Jiwoo, concern softly spreading through his features. He hoped he didn’t drain him from excessive power use. Then he heard the familiar sound of nails tapping along the dash. “Nervous?” He said softly.

He laughed softly when Jiwoo confessed his powers then his age. “I’m 107” he stated, running his hands through his hair. “I could never stop counting…it keep my reality in check I guess” Richard blushed when Jiwoo looked into his eyes. “My mother’s, she was the pretty one of the family” he smiled, remembering his mother’s softness. He’d realised Jiwoo had changed the subject, and was relieved. Richard didn’t want to dwell on the past more than it needed to. “Well, I like your calmness, and you’re pretty cute when you look away” he grinned.

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Jiwoo shrugged, his smile slowly turning into a sleepy expression. “Yeah, I guess.” It wasn’t like he hadn’t told anyone before. He just … hadn’t told anyone before.

“Mmm. Old.” He grinned softly, though it didn’t quite reach his tired eyes. “You inherited her traits,” he replied to Richard’s next words with a yawn.

He blushed gently and averted his eyes out of habit, realizing he was doing what Richard said made him cute. “Thanks.” He almost made a joke about Richard implying that he wasn’t cute when faced head on, but he was too sleepy to make the effort. He pressed a hand to his eyes. “Do you think you could drive? I’m getting … kinda tired.”

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) Richard wanted to lean closer to Jiwoo to give him a shoulder to rest upon. He felt for him, the unknown affectionate side he had suddenly making an appearance. It was surprising for Richard, he never knew he had such a side. Only ever affectionate with himself.

He chuckled. “Thanks, but I prefer experienced with time” he corrected. His smile turned into a weak scowl, the memory of his mother emerging through his hardened mind.

“Yeah, of course, stay there” he said, as he climbed out of the car, jogging quickly to the other side. Richard opened the door then without asking, lifting Jiwoo off the driver’s seat. At night, Richard could lift anything. The darkness giving him strength and agility, should he wish to use them. He quickly walked to the passenger’s seat and placed him gently there then jumping over Jiwoo for the seatbelt, stopping halfway. “Sorry” he smiled. “I guess you can put the seatbelt yourself” He blushed.

Richard shut the door and moved to the driver’s seat, adjusting himself. He remembered learning to drive those old motorcars when they were just released. Now cars were able to drive themselves! How times had evolved. “You can use me as a pillow…though I’m not so sure I’m as comfy as the seats” he joked.

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Jiwoo smiled. “Of course. Experienced with time.” He corrected himself. Calling someone old was rude, he didn’t know why he’d do that. Obviously his manners were slipping when he was so tired. His powers were weak, though, diluted because of his mixed bloodline, so it tired him to use them.

Jiwoo yelped and jolted awake when Richard picked him up, surprised. He was probably really light - or Richard was really strong. That was a nice thought. Jiwoo melted into the seat, curling up and pulling his seatbelt down over his shoulder. He stayed awake until Richard was on his other side, then laid his head in the crook of the other’s neck. “Thanks,” he murmured.

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