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Rabbit Hill
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > fiction: story POV is rabbit. Rabbit escapes chasing dogs by jumping over large stream. Rabbits and other animals eventually live in harmony with landowner.

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message 1: by JayG (last edited Nov 30, 2018 10:33AM) (new)

JayG | 6 comments Rabbit is being chased by dog(s) and escapes by jumping over large stream (other rabbits impressed by feat.) An animal (another rabbit?) maybe breaks a leg but is rescued and nursed back to health by farmhouse people (landowners) Rabbits and other animals eventually live in harmony with, and trust, landowner. Near the end of the story an animal (deer?) comments that the man (farmer?) smokes a pipe and that is nice because the scent of smoke helps prevent the person from sneaking up on animals. The homeowners dog and cat are also friendly/non-aggressive with the animals which a 'wild' animal (maybe a rabbit, who had been nursed back to health after breaking their leg) demonstrates/proves/shows to the other animals by play 'rough-housing' with the cat (or maybe the dog?).. the cat/dog plays for a bit with the rabbit then goes back to resting/napping.

Maybe about a 200+ page novel aimed towards early teens. This book was read in the mid 1970's and from the writing style I would expect it's date of publishing to be between 1960 and 1975.. though it's possible it could be as early as 1950 or slightly earlier.

..and no, this is not "Watership Down"

message 2: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Marquis | 219 comments Maybe Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson?

message 3: by JayG (last edited Nov 30, 2018 08:15PM) (new)

JayG | 6 comments I looked at the cover and the description of Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson and am very sure that this is the book I was in search of. I'll get and read it to confirm it was the book (but from how familiar the cover was, and the description, I can't imagine it's not)

Thank you!

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris | 33236 comments Mod
Here's a short Amazon Look Inside preview of Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson - Joseph's suggestion:

https://www.amazon.com/Rabbit-Hill-Pu... The black-and-white illustrations inside the book are quite unique. There are different cover images.

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