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message 1: by CallMeSensei (last edited Nov 30, 2018 09:27AM) (new)

CallMeSensei | 49 comments Hello #becausedragonsrat!

I had so many plans for this 'thon for the end of the year and yet, nothing has really stuck. I think I can manage another mini round this December before the year ends.

Is there interest in a 4 day readathon? If so, head over to my twitter and vote on the dates (@callmesensei14)!

Also, if you have any ideas for some fun reading challenges, leave them below!

Happy Holidays, y'all :)

message 2: by Winter (new)

Winter (winter9) | 3 comments I would love a four day readathon. Preferably with sprints because that's the heart of a readathon in my opinion ^^

message 3: by Dannii (new)

Dannii Elle (danniiellereads) Hi, just to let you know that you got the letter the wrong way around in your @ :)

I'm totally in for this. After Christmas works best for me but I'm there for either.

Perhaps challenge ideas could be something loosely Christmas based such as read a red/green book, read a book set in a cold climate, read a book featuring a celebration? Or maybe a 24 group reading challenge as one of the prompts could be fun?

message 4: by Jesa (new)

Jesa Burgoyne | 2 comments YASSS!

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