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ciaran.  (julieparadise) | 143 comments Mod

if you'd like to form a new gang, post your idea here. if your idea gets approved, your gang will be added to the plot.

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ciaran.  (julieparadise) | 143 comments Mod

Your idea has been approved, and I'll add it to the plot shortly :)

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moosekid | 2 comments

The Konami Code コナミコマンド

"She will shed her light when it’s her time to shine."

up, up; selling or using drugs is prohibited
down, down; treat your senior sisters with respect
left, right; protect those who cannot protect themselves
left, right; do not betray the trust of a fellow sister
A, B; duty, family, and then everything else

[ select ]
The Konami Code actually originated in Los Angeles during the 1980s after there was a sudden flux of Japanese immigrants coming from the East to the West. Most of the immigrants were women who ran away from their abusive homes and chose to start a new life instead in the states, some of these women were also part of girl gangs during their youth in Japan during the 1970s, thus began the start of the gang.

[ start ]
Soon enough, the gang itself grew from accepting only Asian girls to any women who's interested in joining, regardless of skin colour or race. The Konami Code currently deal with petty thievery and shoplifting, though their main goal is to house and protect women who are oppressed by society or in their own homes. The style of the members are often depicted as bright, neon, and retro with words written on the sides of their clothing, depending on the title or nicknames given to them.

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ciaran.  (julieparadise) | 143 comments Mod

Approved, I love everything about this idea <3 I'll add them to the plot later today.

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maisie | 44 comments
𝓣𝓱𝓮 ┊𝓕𝓸𝓻𝓽𝔂 ┊𝓔𝓵𝓮𝓹𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓼
            “𝑔𝒾𝓇𝓁'𝓈 𝒷𝑒𝓈𝓉 𝒻𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓃𝒹”               

The Forty Elephants gang solely consisted of women. Before feminism was born and developed, the women of the Forty Elephants retired from fighting the system and instead used the patriarchy as an advantage. In the age where women were allowed levels upon levels of privacy in their shopping endeavors, they worked together to strip stores and unsuspecting victims wholly clean of any form of riches.

The most delicious part of the gang is that the men are the ones degraded in their gang's hierarchy. The original leader, Maggie Hill, was astonishingly and wondrously deadly. Decorating her hands with diamond studded rings that formed brass knuckles, and her arms with spiked golden cuffs, Maggie created a ravishingly cruel gang of women-- each like the gems in their pockets.

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ciaran.  (julieparadise) | 143 comments Mod

Your idea is approved, I'll add them to the plot as soon as possible <3

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maisie | 44 comments YAY thanks Ciaran :)

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 ѕolanιne | 122 comments Mod

The Ivory Knuckles

♪ you call it crime ~ ♪

the ivory knuckles an organization of many a trade; be it the illegal drug trade, arms trafficking, counterfeiting, and identity theft. they also provide protection services for families, buildings/companies, storage units, and cargo.

♪ we call it smart family business ♪

they've been around since the 80's when the original family got involved with the underground. since then it's stayed in the family. typically only the members of the family are allowed any higher up positions, either you're born into or you marry into the ivory hierarchy. typically it's the men who lead, however as of late that's changed with the passing of the latest leader leaving it running it all to his only child; a daughter. while they have members in the ivory knuckles who aren't part of the actual family such as those who run some of the trades and are affiliated as well as allied with other crime groups.

♪ and the family is famous ! ♪

the ivory's, in general, are a pretty well-recognized name, they own multiple different embellishments; most of which are cover operations. owning at least a number of few bakeries, a local restaurant, a bar and more discreetly have their hands on a multitude if laundromats. either way, the ivory's are known to be a pretty wealthy family and they use this to gain the favor of the public eye, oftentimes donating to funds, schools, and charities.

(view spoiler)

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ciaran.  (julieparadise) | 143 comments Mod

Approved :)

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ciaran.  (julieparadise) | 143 comments Mod
plot has been updated.

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