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This is a safe haven for the supernaturals in the forest.


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quq  (190511)
Kitty stepped up to the cabin door. She hesitated for a moment, but then knocked softly on the wood. If she was wrong, and this wasn’t the place, it would be horribly embarrassing. But it was worth a shot.
She’d found a flyer on a shop window down her street, asking for some kind of help for a safe haven for kids her age. She wasn’t quite clear on anything yet, but it sounded like a good opportunity. And she could relate to having parent problems. So she’d followed the directions written on the page - had gone over them thrice to make sure she was in the right place - and ended up here.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Hannah was startled at the sudden knocking on the cabin door. She had been careful to leave her name off of everything so that her mother couldn't trace it back to her, but one could never know. Hannah's mind drifted away to what her mother would do if she found out that she was skipping her study group to come here. Hannah re-affirmed herself to her mission by remembering that if she succeeded, it wouldn't matter what her mom thought anyways. Hannah walked up to the door, taking a deep breath before opening it.
"Hello, how can I help you?" Hannah said, painting a bright smile onto her face.

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Kitty shrunk slightly at the sight of the taller girl - the opening of the door had been rather sudden and she didn’t like sudden things. “Um … I found this flyer?” She said, holding it up with a small, questioning smile. “It looked interesting. Is this the right place?”
She peered past the girl and tried to see into the cabin, her pupils dilating and turning slightly cat-like as she tried to see through the darkness. Nothing came out though, and she righted herself and smiled again as if nothing had happened.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Hannah was overcome with joy, ushering the girl inside.
"You have no idea how happy that makes me. Please come in!" Hannah said, opening the door further. The cabin was sparsely decorated, but Hannah wished to change that. The bigger-on-the-inside cabin had individual rooms for anyone who would wish to stay. Rooms went all throughout the upper level and continued downstairs, while the ground floor was for recreation and group time. Hannah remembered when she had first found the cabin- it had been a little dusty, but completely stocked with dishware, bedding, towels, and candles, enough to last a lifetime.

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Kitty blushed slightly. She liked making people happy, even if it rarely happened and made her kinda embarrassed to have all that attention on her. She was too much of a recluse to be involved in a lot of things, but she was trying to fix that. Starting with this.
She blew out a breath that had been puffing up her cheeks when she saw the inside of the cabin. It was already pretty well furnished, but it felt really empty.
Kitty awkwardly shifted her weight to her other foot. “So … what exactly am I going to be doing here? The poster was kinda vague …” she asked, hating her high, tentative, extremely unprofessional voice.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments "Sorry about that! I need help with making sure this place is actually going to work, and then once people hopefully start showing up, crowd control!" Hannah blubbered excitedly. She started walking around the cabin, lighting more candles. It was hard to overcome the darkness that overwhelms the forest, and they would need all the light they could get inside the cabin.

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She nodded. This girl seemed overjoyed with her idea, so she decided to ask more about it - that was generally a good way to make friends. But first … she didn’t even know who this was. She should be careful with who she was trusting with quite possibly her life (things in this town could be very extreme, as she’d learned from her own experiences.)
“I’m Kitty.” She extended her delicate, long-nailed hand to the other girl. “What’s your name?”

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Lily Marie | 101 comments "Hannah Hawken," the glowing angel said. She shook the smaller girl's hand and then went to wash dishes, forgetting about the layer of powders she had coated herself with. As soon as the layer was removed, her skin began to glow more violently. Angelic features had always been more hindering than helpful for Hannah, constantly a distraction when she was in grade school and even middle school. It wasn't her fault that she literally glowed, which made lockdown drills hard. It wasn't her fault that she was gifted with incredible beauty, which made co-existing with pre-and-during pubescent boys hard.

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quq  (190511)
Kitty nodded and hoped the pretty girl - Hannah - wasn’t just washing her hands because she’d touched a killer like Katherine Shin.
She noticed a bit of a glow coming from under Hannah’s skin, even before she washed the powder off - her cat eyes could pick out any detail. It wasn’t strange in this town, though. “What are you?” She asked absentmindedly, picking at a stray thread in the blanket thrown over the back of a chair.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Hannah was taken aback by the question she was asked by the girl.
"I- I'm an angel," she said, looking at the floor and shuffling her feet. It was embarrassing to her to be an angel. She was supposed to be so perfect, but she knew she really wasn't. She couldn't be. Not with the one flaw that always found it's way into every conversation, every single time her mother yelled at her for the past year, it had linked back into this. Always.

Hannah clutched the golden pendant hanging around her neck by a golden chain. It was a small, golden dove. Peace. Hannah had had it for as long as she could remember. The dove seemed to speak to her sometimes; giving her inspirations or insight into what was really going on. And it spoke to her now as it had many times before:

Hannah, you are so close. Hannah, you have this.

But Hannah didn't know what it meant. That was until she felt a sharp pain coming from about where her shoulder blades were. It was all-consuming, but freeing in a way. Hannah hadn't the slightest idea of what it could mean, but she knew she would figure it out soon.

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quq  (190511)
Kitty nodded. She wasn’t about to volunteer any information on herself, being a murderer and all. It made sense that Hannah was an angel. She really was pretty. But Kitty wasn’t attracted to her in that way. She didn’t know her yet.
She sat down on the back of the sofa, swinging her legs under her. She squinted slightly at Hannah’s motions - it looked like she was about to sprout wings. Kitty wouldn’t put it past someone who lived in this town. After all, she did turn into a mountain lion when she was hungry.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Hannah groaned as the pain intensified. She bent downwards into a small ball before suddenly bursting upwards, the pain gone. Hannah looked down at her feet and almost passed out. She was hovering about a foot above the ground! She reached to pat her shoulder blades but all she felt was something feathery-
wait, something feathery?
Hannah flew yes, flew, over to a mirror. Suddenly, glorious wings had erupted from her back! Hannah felt joy overcome her before promptly passing out onto the floor.

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Kitty put a small hand over her mouth as she watched Hannah’s shoulders sprout wings. She’d heard about this, but never seen it in real life. It was actually quite beautiful.
She watched with careful, cat-like eyes until Hannah crumpled to the floor. Then she hopped quickly from her place on the couch, fear overcoming her small figure at the sight of a unresponsive body. She ran over to Hannah and knelt down beside her head, shaking her shoulder gently. “Hannah?”

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Lily Marie | 101 comments (I was at a debate tournament, sorry!!!)

Hannah was drowsy. She was only half awake and she only felt pain.
"Kitty..." Hannah grumbled before snapping out of her little trance. She began to emit a more powerful aura before finding herself standing up, not a single problem. What was happening to her? Could she hide her wings? Suddenly Hannah felt incredibly cold. Her back was freezing, as there wasn't a lot of firewood lighting the fire in the cabin- but wait, something else was wrong. Hannah reached to feel her back, but all she felt was skin. After looking down, Hannah realized that the outburst of her wings had shredded her shirt and left her in a white lace bra.

Hannah went bright red and instantly grabbed a blanket to drape around herself.
"Uh, uhm, I'm going to go change." She said before flying up to the loft.

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quq  (190511)
Kitty backed away, bumping against the back of the couch in her haste. The way Hannah had jumped up so suddenly … it was wrong. And creepy. She felt her fingernails growing longer and her eyes dilating, and shook the change away quickly.
She crossed her arms protectively over her own chest and watched Hannah, not really taking note of what she was wearing. Sure, she was beautiful, and Kitty enjoyed looking at beautiful things, but she wasn’t attracted to her. Yet.
Kitty sat down carefully on the couch, tucking her shortish skirt under her legs and waiting for Hannah to come back.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Hannah went into her bedroom. It was beautiful and neat and shined brightly. Hannah dug through her drawers to find something to wear. She settled on a light pink dress with an open back, perfect for wings. After dressing, Hannah got a board game and flew downstairs to greet Kitty.
"Want to play Monopoly?" Hannah asked, approaching Kitty.

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Kitty watched Hannah’s wings as she flew downstairs, and the cat side of her couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the beating motion … she wanted to snatch those feathers right out of the air. She bit her lip harshly and tucked her hands under her legs to hide the slight forming of her claws. This happened all too often.
Kitty examined Hannah’s dress. “That looks very nice on you.” She commented straightforwardly. It was true, it did.
She nodded and blew strands our thick hair out of her face. Eventually she just pulled her hair back into a new ponytail.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Hannah blushed and sat down. She started setting up for monopoly. Her monopoly figures were ones that she had sculpted herself and contained various mythical creatures and animals, Hannah selected a delicate little angel with gorgeous wings. They had taken her hours to perfect, but Hannah was proud of them.

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Kitty put her backpack beside her on the couch, not realizing it had still been on her back until now. She leaned down and picked up the small dog figure, smiling at the detail. “These are beautiful. Did you make them?” She asked in a quiet voice.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments (sorry, I missed your response)

"Yeah, I did! They're a great distraction. Maybe I could show you how to make them sometime?" Hannah bubbled. She passed out the Monopoly money and then got up to make hot chocolate.

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Kitty nodded, smiling softly at Hannah. She was like the opposite of her; the sun and the moon, it seemed. She admired her creativity, though. Kitty probably would have used coins or something.
Kitty went ahead and rolled the dice while Hannah was away, debating on whether to buy the place she’d landed on or keep moving.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Hannah made two beautiful hot chocolates. The first, for Kitty, was dark chocolate with whipped cream and a peppermint stick. The second, for Hannah, was milk chocolate with marshmallows and caramel syrup drizzled in. Hannah brought the two drinks to the table and rolled the dice. Two sixes! Hannah moved her little angel onwards.

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Kitty accepted her drink with a thank you and then glanced suprisedly at Hannah when she took a small sip. “How did you know? I hate milk chocolate.” She said with a quiet smile.
She rolled and landed on some good property, but chose to pass. She wasn’t very interested in buying things.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments "Intuition," Hannah said. She rolled the dice. A three and a five! Hannah landed on free parking and let out a little smile.
Suddenly, but not surprisingly, monopoly money rushed out from little tubes Hannah had installed across the room. There was Monopoly money everywhere! Hannah was delighted with the success of her contraption.

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quq  (190511)
Kitty grinned before taking her turn. She jumped suddenly, her eyes dilating as the money fluttered around the room, and the change was too quick and impulsive to stop. Her nails turned into claws and her face deformed and her body stretched until she was a cougar, and she chased the fluttering paper around the room, knocking over several things in the process, her cat mind taking over.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Hannah freaked out. Kitty had transformed into a cougar! Of course, Hannah's wings would be a target to Cougar-Kitty, so she flew up high enough that Kitty couldn't reach her.

"easy, Kitty. It's alright. Easy." Hannah said softly, trying to calm Kitty down.

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Kitty eventually - after probably twenty minutes of playing with the money - mustered the strength to turn back into a human. Her body shrank until she was small again, her fingers aching from the change. She stumbled over to the couch and fell down onto it, nearly falling asleep. It was so tiring to have your DNA changed every time you had stimuli.

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Lily Marie | 101 comments "Thank the divine you're okay." Hannah said, running up to Kitty. She sat next to her and stroked her softly. (Not in a weird way lol) Hannah got a message on her phone. There was to be some sort of ball in the town. Of course, Hannah's mother probably had some rich boy planned out for her to go with, but Hannah felt a desire to go with Kitty.
"Would you, um, consider going with me to the New Year's Ball?" Hannah said hopefully.

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Kitty twisted her face into the couch cushion. “Not so sure about that.” She mumbled, referring to the statement that she was okay. Usually her changes weren’t so painful, but changing quickly and against her own will hurt.

She nodded her head into the cushion, mumbling a “sure” before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

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quq  (190511) {it’s all good}

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Lily Marie | 101 comments Hannah sighed. She was so excited to go to the ball! After Kitty passed out, she lifted her up gently and carried her up the stairs to Kitty's room before depositing her on her bed and then heading to her own bedroom. Hannah changed into a nightgown and went to bed.

In the morning, Hannah got up early to make pancakes for Kitty and her. Hannah couldn't cook anything but pancakes, so it was a good thing they were delicious!

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When Kitty woke up, she rubbed her eyes tiredly and wondered for a brief moment where she was before all the events of yesterday wandered back. She slid out of bed, yawning, and went to root through the closet for something to wear other than her old clothes from yesterday. She eventually just decided on shorts and a loose pajama top - it was the only cotton thing she could find that wouldn’t irritate her skin.

She padded downstairs in her bare feet, rubbing her eyes again as she followed the smell of food into what seemed to be the kitchen.

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quq  (190511) {hey?}

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Lily Marie | 101 comments (sorry!!!! I went on vacation and forgot to tell people :P)

"Morning, Kit," Hannah said cheerfully, flipping pancakes. Hannah had stayed up a little too late shopping for a dress for the ball, but she didn't stay up late enough to make her cranky.

Hannah flipped the pancakes onto a plate. 'Want some?"

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{did you have fun (:}

Kitty mustered a smile. “Hey.”
She remembered last night and the ball, and realized she didn’t have anything at all to wear - but she did have an idea of what she wanted.
“Could we go dress shopping today?” She asked in a slightly pouty voice. She was still tired and hungry and cranky.
She grabbed a pancake and started eating with her hands. “Thanks.”

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