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Teresa Carrigan | 2395 comments Mod
The December 2018 INDIE Pick is Lightyears Trilogy by Troy D. Wymer Lightyears Trilogy by Troy D. Wymer. Please use this thread to post questions, comments, and reviews, at any time.

Official description:
Baas and Roedie live on the desert sand planet Kaskoon with their father Olossky. When their father is taken prisoner by the BlueMar Empire, the two brothers set out on a quest across the galaxy in search for him. They soon join in a fight to destroy the BlueMar Empire. Later, embarking on a mission to explore uncharted regions, they come across an advanced civilization. Their journey takes them through time to another galaxy where they defeat yet another evil empire. The group splits and some remain in the new galaxy, while the others return back through time to their own galaxy. An investigation takes them into the past to an ancient kingdom to find out the coordinates of a device they must destroy before it destroys the entire BlueMar Galaxy.

Generations later, the galaxy is littered with terrorist organizations and the evil descendants of Baas. Roedie travels to the future to help his great great grandson, Destin, defeat the evil and restore freedom to the galaxy.

A time of peace has finally arrived. The advent of new inventions makes space travel quicker between galaxies and provides protection for both galaxies against the certain doom of an alien onslaught.

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Teresa Carrigan | 2395 comments Mod
Is anybody reading this? Perhaps the author has some comments?

Troy D. Wymer | 28 comments This also was listed as to-be-read on some bookshelves. Again, I look forward to any feedback and would love to answer any questions.

This is an exciting opportunity for me to have both of my titles win the December BOTMs. It is my hope that they are read and thoroughly enjoyed.

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