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D. R. | 2 comments Hi all, I'm Danny.

I'm looking for some beta readers to give me some feedback on the first 18,000 words of my novel. I am happy to provide feedback in return for your work. Please see the blurb below:

All humans go about their lives; laughing, working, fighting, completely oblivious to the existence of Terratooper - A world where robots, warlocks, lizard men and unimaginably massive dragons thrive.

Terratoopan legend speaks of a mysterious object known as the Deholdrunause – created by Asodian Warlocks and the Dragons of Actelfal.

Its purpose is unknown. Some say it could be the source of great power. Others theorize it contains the soul of Dargon, King of the Dragons. All that is known is that it has been hidden for over three-hundred years.

Now, a rumour spreads that it is somewhere on Earth, protected by elaborate challenges and Earthfolk riddles. This is not the only rumour on the tongues of Terratoopans though. Ecid, Dargon’s Queen, has escaped Plixer Prison, and her current whereabouts is unknown.

Furthermore, a mysterious source has hired an Icekrag contractor to find and protect a young Earthling named Reginald Longleigh. A victim of a tragic life, the mysterious source believes him to be the only Earthling with Asodian ancestry, and therefore the only one that can wield and use the Deholdrunause.

With Ecid on the loose, many Terratoopans fear she seeks the Deholdrunause, and anyone that can use it. If she were to succeed, the consequences would be immeasurable.

All hope rests on the shoulders of Reginald Longleigh.

Thanks everyone!

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Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I am interested. Please PM me

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