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Muko and the Secret (Muko, #1)
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Greg Materna | 4 comments I am looking for exchange of reviews.
If you like mystery, codes, math I would be glad to exchange with you.

Reece (goodreadscomsambo) | 6 comments Hi Greg I am looking for a review exchange for my new thriller/crime novel 'The Killing Men' by Reece Pocock. I love mysteries and codes. It is on Amazon and most of the others

Greg Materna | 4 comments Is there a possibility to get a free copy? You can grab mine from

Reece (goodreadscomsambo) | 6 comments Hi Greg, I've downloaded your book and I will read it and review it soon.
What is your email address - I will send 'The Killing Men' as PDF file.


Greg Materna | 4 comments Hi, my mail is:
thx for PDF I will not share it to anyone.

Reece (goodreadscomsambo) | 6 comments Hi Greg,

Here is the Review -

Review of Muko Part 1 by Greg Materna.
Four children, with extraordinary mathematical minds, namely, Muko, Paida, Gelio, and Amartia, meet when they attend the School of Mathematics.
The two boys and two girls listen to their aged teacher, Pythagoras, who alludes to a mathematical equation that no one can solve. They set out on a quest through the corridors and rooms in the ancient building that houses the School of Mathematics and other high learning institutions that are part of the science curriculum.
Although forbidden, the four clever children, by using subterfuge, enter the library where they hope they will discover the solution to the problem.
The interplay between the children is the glue that holds this story together, and the various strange characters they meet along the way. The individuals display intelligence way beyond their years, which makes this story intriguing and a must read. Muko may think he is the leader, but the children have other ideas.
I can’t wait for Part 2.

Reviewer - Reece Pocock

I'll put it up on Goodreads - anywhere else?

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