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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen (kjanowsky) | 22 comments I'm looking for a beta for a book that 's almost done (I have 2 final chapters to write, but I'd like feedback on what I have so far). It's about 72k words as of now, maybe a little less. This does have some graphic scenes portraying sex and violence. Here's the summary:


Genre: Suspense/Romance

ROTC wasn’t the best option for Kevin Rye to get through Stanford University, after all. His first mission in the U.S. Army was in 1993 Mogadishu, and he has been returned to the United States almost completely broken and lucky to be alive at all. Thankfully, his friend and former college roommate, wealthy genius Rob Fisher, has schematics and an idea of how to ameliorate the damage his family’s multi-billion dollar armaments corporation has done to the world. It starts with creating a suit to help Kevin walk again, become bulletproof, and fly. What Rob can’t do is make Kevin’s long-suffering girlfriend choose to stay with him as he navigates the painful changes in his life.

In 2002, Graham Beech, a serial womanizer with uncanny aim and instincts, has a promising career in the U.S. Army Rangers ahead of him. He’s unprepared when he realizes he wants to spend more and more time with newly-enlisted Steven Amato than he does hanging out in bars and bringing a different woman to a cheap motel every weekend. Graham was brought up by a strict, socially conservative family, and this is the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era. That shouldn’t matter. He’s sure he has a very good idea of who he is and what he values, but he can’t stop thinking about Steven.

What these men have in common are tenuous military careers, post-traumatic stress, a history of being careless in their relationships, and firm refusals to think too hard about the future. They’re soldiers. They do one mission at a time. When the trajectories of their lives converge, Rob Fisher’s plan becomes apparent. It involves finding a long-lost American hero, deciphering a cryptic myth, and doing so before the terrorist on the same quest does it first. Graham and Kevin are up to the challenge if only they can get out of their own way, make sense of the way things almost never turn out as one plans, and embrace what really matters to them.

message 2: by Amashy (new)

Amashy | 9 comments Hi, this sounds interesting. I’d like to beta read. Send me a message if you’re interested.

message 3: by Karen (new)

Karen (kjanowsky) | 22 comments Great! Do you prefer Google Docs or MS Word? And thank you.

message 4: by Amashy (new)

Amashy | 9 comments Word! Also let me know where and how you want the feedback to be documented.

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments If you are still looking for a beta reader., I am interested. Please PM me

message 6: by Karen (last edited Dec 05, 2018 09:50AM) (new)

Karen (kjanowsky) | 22 comments Amashy, I can send it with Word. I prefer marginal comment; if you make text edits/changes, please do them in a different color so I'll see them. I'm really pretty open; this is a first draft, as I mentioned, and appreciate your taking the time and effort. Send me your email address and I'll get it to you this afternoon.

message 7: by Karen (new)

Karen (kjanowsky) | 22 comments Jennifer, I just pm'd you.

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