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City of a Thousand Dolls (Bhinian Empire, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA fantasy- Girls raised sequestered in imperial garden school and educated, main character has a limp so not perfect [s]

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Susan diRende (sudirende) | 7 comments I read a book that I thought was okay at the time but has stuck with me. I’d like to read it again only I can’t remember the title or author.

Orphan(?) girls are raised, kept isolated in the emperor’s palace grounds, learning valuable skills as well as courtly graces. Main character has a limp so she will never be admitted to the emperor’s presence be cause she’s not perfect.

(Spoilers coming now)
At their culminating party where they’re introduced to the world, the emperor’s expected chosen makes s gaffe that causes her to fall from grace. At the same time, the main character saves his life so she is granted a request which is to allow the women to buy their own debt for being raised if they want and work it off with the skills they’ve learned rather than being purchased brides. There’s a shapeshifter thread and It turns out she’s related to them.

Ringing any bells? (I might have gotten something wrong because as I said I didn’t pay close attention at the time.)

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Kris | 34335 comments Mod
Susan, around what year did you read this book? This will help narrow down the search.

What are the fantasy elements? Does anyone have unusual powers? Does the world appear to be Asian or European?

Is there romance? Or fighting - with what type of weapons?

Susan diRende (sudirende) | 7 comments Gosh, I wish I could, but I read it during one of my occasional spasms of reading half a dozen books back to back. One reason I want to return to it. I read it at least a year ago and no more than 3. (Okay maybe 4, but no longer back because I read it on my phone. Sadly, the history only goes back a year.) I’ve tried searching all the terms but nothing comes up. I remember the ending most of all and could go into greater detail if you think that would help.

༺Kiki༻ (kim-mari) | 54 comments Could it be City of a Thousand Dolls?

These points match your book: (view spoiler)

Susan diRende (sudirende) | 7 comments Kimari Yes! City of a Thousand Dolls. I only saw this reply now when I decided to make another try today at finding it. You are my book hero! And everyone else who pitched in here. What a great community.

༺Kiki༻ (kim-mari) | 54 comments Hurray, mystery solved. Happy reading!

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