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Help with holding hardback.

Try a Book Seat. It's a cushion/pillow for a book. It holds the book (and phone or tablet) in place and is comfortable on your lap. I bought mine at Amazon.

Have you tried sitting in front of a table or countertop and resting the book on the surface? You can use your hands to anchor the smaller half of the book so pages don't flip while reading.

You could try resting the book on your lap- might be easier if your legs are propped up so book does not slide forward. Hope this helps! This is an inspiring book to read.

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Nancy Davison Good for you, Kathy. A true reader will find a way! LOVED this book, and will pass it on to as many as want to read it. Uplifting, and especially so i ...more
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I recommend using a pillow if you like to read in a seated position and adjust it to the angle and height that is most comfortable for your vision. You also could try a weighted book mark to hold the pages down so you would need to put so much effort in controlling the pages.

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